How Much Does It Cost to Build a Pool in Dubai

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A swimming pool in the backyard might be part of most people’s dream house in Dubai. However, the cost of construction and pool cleaning can make it a luxury not many can afford. There are several factors to consider during the design process of your swimming pool in Dubai. The cost can differ based on the materials used, area, depth, landscaping, etc. Not factoring them all in may push you over your budget.Β Β Β Β 

The construction of the pool, however, is only the first step. You will also need to book a pool cleaning professional in Dubai for proper maintenance. Otherwise, your pool can be a liability and won’t even look aesthetic.

Cost of Building a Swimming Pool in Dubai

The cost can vary depending on many things, but the size of the pool might be the most significant factor. The cost of constructing a small splash pool can range from AED 60k to 80k. However, it can go up to AED 130k to 300k if you opt for a full Olympic-sized pool. This estimate includes the NOC licensing fee of the Department of Planning and Development of Dubai and the construction company charges.Β 

Factors Affecting the Cost of Building a Pool in Dubai

Knowing the many factors that affect the cost of building a pool in Dubai can help you determine a rough estimate and then budget accordingly. Here are some of the factors that you should consider:

#1: Pool Design

As a rule of thumb, the more customization you add to the design, the more it will cost. The shape, size, and depth of your pool are the most significant determinants of cost. The deeper you want your pool to be, the more dirt you will have to excavate. Moreover, a bigger pool might require more time, materials, and specialized equipment for construction which can cost more. 

#2: Construction Site

It is best to build the pool in a flat area in your backyard to minimize the cost as it won’t need a ton of landscaping. This will reduce the groundwork and prep time for the construction site before the pool is built. If you are building a pool in an already constructed house you may have to excavate dirt, remove tiles, or bring down walls. So, reserving an ideal flat area for a pool in a new villa may cost less.  

#3: Building Material

There are different construction materials with varying costs that you can use for pool construction in Dubai. The most common ones are:

  • Concrete
  • Vinyl
  • Fiberglass

Most people build in-ground pools out of fiberglass or concrete because of their longevity and waterproofing. However, they usually cost more than the vinyl pools.

#4: Access to Pool Site

The easier it is for construction machinery to get to your pool site, the lower it will cost. For instance, if there is limited access to the construction area, the contractor may have to bring in cranes or specialized equipment. Moreover, if the machinery can’t get to the area, most of the work would then be done manually. As a result, the cost of pool digging and soil removal may go up. 

#5: Soil Type

The effort required for excavation can depend a great deal on the type of soil. Ideally, smooth and fine-grain soil is the most suitable type for a pool site. However, if your soil is reactive, has rocks, or has a higher water table, the cost can rise. Additional efforts and equipment may be required to improve the soil conditions for pool installation.Β Β 

#6: Landscaping and Other Features 

The construction of the pool is one matter, while the beautification is another. If you want your pool to add to the aesthetics of your home, consider adding a patio or a deck. Marble or tiled floors, elegant decorations, and pool furniture can also add to the appeal. Moreover, programmable LED lights in and around the pool also look great. So, the more accessories you add, the higher your general upkeep cost. 

#7: Pool Cooling

The Dubai summer can be cruel so pool cooling equipment is a necessary investment. Otherwise, the water will be too hot in the summer and your pool will feel like a hot bath. Installing a pool water chiller can put an additional AED 15k to AED 20k on your bill.


If you installed an advanced pool cleaning system at the time of construction, you may not need maintenance for some time after. However, you still need pH balance checks, skimming, vacuuming, and continual leak detection tests for your swimming pool in Dubai. All this should be added to your overall pool cost and maintenance budget. 

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