How Much Does It Cost to Get Your Laundry Done in Abu Dhabi?

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Outsourcing of even mundane chores such as laundry has become a lifestyle necessity in Abu Dhabi. As the city continues to witness a surge in expatriate residents and a thriving tourism sector, the demand for such services is growing increasingly which also calls for gaining an understanding of the cost.  

This article provides a comprehensive overview of the prevailing rates charged by some of the best laundry services in Abu Dhabi, and factors that influence it.

Cost of Laundry Services in Abu Dhabi

The cost of laundry services varies based on the type of service required. Abu Dhabi’s laundry services offer flexibility, with one bag typically accommodating 6 kg of laundry. Any excess weight is subject to a charge of AED 8 per additional kilogram. Efficient delivery services are offered and are often completed within 48 hours. Here’s a breakdown of the cost:

Type of ServiceCost
Wash and Fold – 1 Bag (6 kg)AED 49
Ironing – 1 Bag (6 kg)AED 69
Wash And Iron – 1 Bag (6 kg)AED 99
Dry CleaningAED 2 to AED 40 (per piece)
Express Delivery (Within 24 Hours)AED 50

*Disclaimer: Prices are subject to change with time.

Detailed Cost Breakdown of Dry Cleaning Services

The cost of dry cleaning services can vary, but it is a worthwhile investment to preserve the quality of your delicate and valuable clothing. Here’s a breakdown of individual items:


Type of ClothingClean OnlyClean + Press
BlouseAED 7AED 12
ShirtAED 5AED 9
Sweater/PulloverAED 10AED 15
T-shirtAED 5AED 9
UndershirtAED 2AED 4


Type of ClothingClean OnlyClean + Press
LungiAED 6AED 8
PantsAED 7AED 12
ShortsAED 5AED 8
SkirtAED 8AED 12


Type of ClothingClean OnlyClean + Press
SocksAED 2AED 3
UnderwearAED 2AED 4


Type of ClothingClean OnlyClean + Press
BedsheetAED 7AED 10
BlanketAED 30
BathrobeAED 12
DuvetAED 30
Duvet CoverAED 12AED 18
PillowAED 12
Pillow CaseAED 3AED 5
Table ClothAED 6AED 10
Towel (S/L)AED 2/4AED 3/6

Formal Wear Others

Type of ClothingClean OnlyClean + Press
AbayaAED 14AED 20
CapAED 5
CoatAED 15AED 10
Dress (Casual)AED 12AED 20
Dress (Special)AED 17AED 30
GhatraAED 6AED 8
JacketAED 18AED 25
KanduraAED 8AED 15
NapkinAED 2AED 3
OvercoatAED 25AED 40
Pyjamaz (2 pc)AED 9AED 14
SariAED 21AED 30
Suit (2 pc)AED 22AED 35
Suit (3 pc)AED 25AED 40
ScarfAED 4AED 6

*Disclaimer: Prices are subject to change with time.

Laundry Services in Abu Dhabi: A Brief Overview

Abu Dhabi offers a wide array of laundry services, from wash and fold to ironing and even dry cleaning. The cost of laundry services can vary greatly depending on the type of service provider, the specific services offered, and the location within the city. To help you navigate this, here’s a breakdown of the key factors influencing the cost of getting your laundry done in Abu Dhabi:

Services Offered

Basic laundry services typically include washing and drying, while more comprehensive services can include ironing, folding, and stain removal. Dry-cleaning services, which are ideal for delicate or specialized garments, tend to be more expensive compared to standard laundry services. It is essential to understand the services you need and select a provider accordingly.

Economic and Environmental Factors

It is imperative to acknowledge that the cost of laundry services in Abu Dhabi may be influenced by various economic and environmental factors, including fluctuations in the cost of utilities, labor wages, and the availability of water resources. As the city strives to achieve sustainable development goals, several laundry service providers may adopt eco-friendly practices, leading to slightly higher service costs to cover the expenses associated with environmentally conscious technologies and processes.

Additional Factors Influencing Cost

Apart from the primary factors mentioned above, several other factors can influence the cost of laundry services in Abu Dhabi:

Urgency: If you need your laundry done within a short timeframe, you might be charged a premium for express services.

Volume: Many laundry providers offer discounts for larger volumes of laundry. It can be cost-effective to use such services if you have a significant amount of laundry to be done.

Specialized Care: Certain fabrics, delicate items, or garments with specific care requirements may incur extra charges due to the specialized care they need.

Pickup and Delivery: Some laundry services offer pickup and delivery options, which can be a convenient but slightly more expensive choice.

Tips for Cost-Effective Laundry Services

There are a few tips and tricks you can follow on your part to reduce your laundry charges.

Plan Your Laundry in Advance 

Avoid last-minute laundry emergencies, as express services tend to be pricier. Plan your laundry routine to save money.

Bundle Your Laundry 

Consider accumulating a substantial load of laundry before sending it out. Many service providers offer discounts for larger volumes, which can result in cost savings.

Read the Fine Print 

Before you choose a laundry service, make sure to understand their pricing structure and any additional fees for specialized services. Always ask for a breakdown of costs if you are unsure.

Check for Promotions and Loyalty Programs

Some laundry service providers offer promotions and loyalty programs, providing discounts and benefits to regular customers.

Use Self-Service Laundromats 

If you are looking to save money, self-service laundromats are generally more affordable and allow you to manage your laundry independently.


To make the most of laundry services in Abu Dhabi, it is crucial to plan ahead, bundle your laundry, and consider promotions and loyalty programs. With a diverse array of options available, customers can opt for services that align with their specific requirements and budgetary constraints. 

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