How much does it cost to relocate from Abu Dhabi to Australia?

cost of moving from Abu Dhabi to Australia

Have you enjoyed living in the Emirates and are now looking forward to moving from Abu Dhabi to Australia?

Are you an Australian national who is considering moving back home? 

You may be moving for work or family or a better living standard, irrespective of your agenda to shift; an international move is a life-long transition. In such a scenario, calculating the relocation cost plays a pivotal role in making the decision.

Australia’s outdoorsy lifestyle has attracted several expats for work and residency over the years. Relocating from Abu Dhabi to Australia will be a breeze if you plan early and properly. 

When thinking of shifting countries, there is nothing more important than a systemized move. ServiceMarket can help in providing the best movers from Abu Dhabi to Australia to help run things smoothly. 

But before you think about organizing the move, you need to estimate the cost of relocation from Abu Dhabi to Australia.

Moving to Australia

Living in the same country all your life is overrated, if you are planning to move, we’re excited for you! 

People define Australia as a friendly population with an easy-going attitude!

There is nothing more exciting than indulging yourself in a different culture, where everything is not only new and challenging but life-changing as well. 

Securing The Australian Visa

It usually takes about five months for the permanent visa application to approve but may take longer depending on the circumstances. 

When applying for a work visa, there is a points system in place that awards points based on specific criteria that include qualifications, work experience, and knowledge of the English language. 

A declaration of AUD 10,000 is required to apply for Australian immigration. Three types of Australian visas can be applied:

  1. Work Visa – is granted by an Australian firm that is willing to sponsor you for employment purposes. The application can be converted to permanent residency after completing a tenure of two years working for the same employer.
  2. Family Visa – This may make your spouse and your kids born in another country eligible to become permanent residents of Australia. 
  3. Short Term Visa – is granted to those who want to live and work in Australia for a short period. This includes work visas, holiday visas, visitor visas, transit visas, and more. 

How Much Will It Cost?

Securing Shipping

Once you’ve decided to move, the international shipping cost will be the first thing that pops into your mind is the international shipping cost.

The estimated cost of shifting the contents of a 2-bedroom apartment spread over 25 cubic meters approximately in the UAE by sea are mentioned below:

Australia – SydneyAED 19,000 – AED 24,000 
Australia – MelbourneAED 19,000 – AED 25,000

Shipping Tips To Note:

  1. Size of the Container: The bigger the container size, the more it is going to cost.
  1. Shipping Medium: There are two modes of transportation:
  • Air Cargo – is a costlier option because of its swift delivery.
  • Sea Cargo – is relatively cheaper since it takes more time to deliver. 
  1. Distance: The farther you move from your destination country, the more it will cost. 

How Long Will It Take For Your Shipment to Arrive?

If you choose air-freight it will take about 2-3 days from the UAE to reach Australia. And if you choose sea-freight, the shipment would take about 20- 25 days to arrive in Australia. 

The shipping timeline is key to planning proactively, so you can refer to the best movers and packers in Abu Dhabi for guidance.

Depending upon your need for things, you can also choose a combination of air and sea cargo. The more important belongings can be shipped via air and the rest can take time and arrive by sea. 

The Final Word

Australia is renowned for having one of the most difficult immigration systems. Once you receive the visa, you are finally relocating then you can book the best movers from Abu Dhabi to Australia to take charge of winding up everything and sending it safely and smoothly to Australia.

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