How to Find Temporary Accommodation When Moving from Dubai to the US

moving from Dubai to the US

Moving to the US from Dubai requires thorough planning that would include arranging movers in Dubai, selecting the mode of shipping (air or sea), and winding up your current accommodation. However, the biggest task you must mark off your planner is arranging for accommodation in the destination country.  

A lot of people moving from Dubai to the US opt for temporary accommodation initially because it allows them to familiarize themselves with the country, is quicker to get, and does not involve the need for strict legal compliance. 

Benefits of a Temporary Residence

A temporary residence can help you with the process of settling down. You can wait for your belongings to reach, find an apartment, or show up for meetings with fewer disruptions. Depending on the size and type of accommodation, the rented space may also serve as a storage facility for your belongings.

Different Ways to Find Temporary Accommodation in the US

Knowing the right ways to find an accommodation can take out a lot of stress and hassle from the whole process of moving and settling down. 

The following are a few tips on how to find a temporary residence in the United States, whether moving from Dubai or anywhere else: 

Online Rental Platforms

The easiest way to rent a room or a complete house is by searching online rental platforms. You can find a number of rental properties and furnished rooms on platforms like Airbnb, and VRBO. Besides the ease of booking, these platforms show a list of all the locations based on the price, city, and your other preferences. 


Subletting is a rental model in which a tenant further rents out the property or a portion of it. You may get a room with kitchen facilities in a subletting arrangement. Mostly, the cost of sublet residences is comparatively lower. So, they can be a budget friendly alternative to renting a full apartment

Hotel Rooms

Hotel rooms are one of the easiest to find accommodations with attractive facilities like room service. However, they are more suitable and economical for brief stays of a few days.  Longer stays spanning over several months will cost more than most other temporary arrangements. For visitors who are willing to spend more for comfort, hotel rooms may be the best options. 

Apartment Hotels

Apartment hotels are hotels that cater to guests with longer stays, ranging from weeks to months. These hotels are especially suitable for people who prefer getting a close-to-home experience. Such hotel rooms are equipped with additional amenities like laundry and access to kitchens. An obvious difference in hotel rooms and hotel apartments is their monthly or weekly rental cycle. 


People on a shoestring budget can also find temporary accommodation by staying at hostels. These places offer shared rooms and often have facilities like laundry. Living in hostels is quite common in big cities. If you do not mind compromising on privacy, you can save significantly on rent by opting for hostels. 

Corporate Housing

Corporate housing is an employer arranged residence, usually available for employees and business travelers. You can opt for the option if your company offers the facility. Simply contact your company’s HR and ask them to accommodate you. Corporate housing may be free for relocating or traveling employees based on the company’s policies. Even if you have to pay a small cost, this housing arrangement is a more affordable option than most others.

Friends’ or Family’s House

Friends or family members already living in your destination city can help you with a temporary residence. You can ask them if they can accommodate you for the time of your stay. You can have a fun stay at their place. Also, you can take their suggestions to find a suitable temporary arrangement. 


Moving to the United States from Dubai is a nerve-wracking process because of all the things you need to do. With temporary accommodation options mentioned above, you can find yourself a place for a brief stay. Or at least until you find more suitable dwellings. Consider all the pros and cons of each arrangement and choose the option that suits you and your family. 

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