How to Save Money During International Moving from Dubai

International Moving

Moving to another country involves a multitude of costs for different processes involved. International moving from Dubai to another country requires time, effort, and budget. However, you can minimize (or maximize) the time and hassle, depending on the budget you are willing to spend.

One way for the quickest way to move out to another country from Dubai is moving by road or sea. You can connect with the best international movers in Dubai to get quotes for your destination and compare for the most affordable service. Go through this brief blog to understand different factors that affect the cost and how to reduce it.Β 

Ways to Move Internationally

The following are the three ways to move internationally: 

By Road

It is an affordable way to relocate to another country. However, it is only suitable if you are moving to a neighboring country. Otherwise, the time and costs increase significantly. Also, you cannot move to faraway countries like the US or the UK via road. 

By Air 

Transporting your belongings to another country by air is the fastest and most secure method, but is also the most expensive. The good thing is that your possessions will reach the destination country in a matter of days instead of weeks. 

By Sea

Moving internationally by sea is the most affordable way but it can take weeks for your stuff to reach your new home. However, the cost is far less than what you would need to pay for air shipping. 

Costs Based on Different Types of Sea Shipping

Within sea shipping, there are multiple factors that govern the time and cost of moving. The following are the three types of sea shipping:

FCL or Full Container Load

As the name suggests, shipping through an FCL gets you the space of a whole container. This type of shipment is fast and secure, but also the most expensive type of sea shipping. It is best to get this service only when you have enough to load to fill a container.

LCL or Less Than Container Load

When your belongings do not require a space of a full container, you can pay for the shared space. Your and other people’s belongings going to the same destination are packed in the same container. 


It is the best option when you are sending a few belongings, let’s say, a few bags, to an international destination. It takes the most amount of time because shipping companies have to wait for containers to fill up to set them off to the destination. 

Other Costs Involved

Shipping of belongings is just one of the expenses. There are various other costs you should consider and budget for in advance. The following are some major expenses:

Customs and Taxes

When you move your belongings to another country, you will have to pay custom fees on your belongings. These fees vary from country to country. So, it is best to contact the embassy to get an idea of how customs work in the destination country. Also, a 5% VAT applies to all the costs you pay in Dubai for international relocation.

Storage Rent

For people moving to another country for a limited time like a year or two, renting a storage facility in Dubai may be more cost effective. In this case, you should get an estimate of the storage rent beforehand. 

Cost of Packing 

Packing to safely move your belongings is an important process. It is best to hire professionals to ensure that your things reach the destination without breaking and damage. Therefore, get quotes from packing companies. 

Expense of Moving Truck 

You will need to hire movers and rent a moving truck to move your belongings to the port in Dubai and again from the port in your destination country. Packing and moving are usually covered in the costs of international movers. The best part is that service bundles are usually more affordable. 


You can move out to an international destination in a number of ways. However, the most cost-effective approach is to plan in advance and opt for services provided by international movers. It is a lot more convenient and hassle-free. 

Compare quotes and hire international movers and packers with ServiceMarket for quality services. This way you can skip the hassle of finding a reliable relocation company for moving to your desired country.Β 

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