How to Store Your Items in Storage Units in Dubai

Storage Units in Dubai

Also known as the City of Gold, Dubai aims to become the business hub of the world. Hence, there is no surprise that more people are moving to the Emirate. That has created an increased demand for storage services as expats need them to store their items. Luckily, you will find many storage units in Dubai which are great for storing your belongings safely. But before you move your precious items, make sure that they are packed well. This will ensure that they stay in great condition. At the same time, you need to know how to use the space proficiently so you can get the best value for money.   

7 Things You Should Do When Storing Items in Storage Units in Dubai

Although you can find many storage spaces in Dubai, it is the way you use them that will matter the most. This article is going to list down seven things you should do to efficiently use your storage unit.

#1. Select the Right Storage Unit

The first thing you should do is select the right storage unit. You will have to pick a place that can meet your storage needs. While selecting a unit, note if the staff is friendly. After all, you will need their assistance if you encounter a problem. Also, make sure that the grounds are well-maintained. You can opt for a traditional unit if you want to store items that are not sensitive to humidity and temperature. However, if they are, a climate-controlled storage unit is the best option for you.

#2. Clean Your Items Thoroughly

After you have decided which storage unit to use, the next thing you should do is to clean your belongings properly. This is crucial because some items can bring in mold and bugs into the storage unit. And they can cause a major problem for you. Therefore, it’s always better to clean your items.  

#3. Get the Packing Material and Use Uniform Boxes

Packing is one of the most important steps in the storage process. To ensure smooth packing, you should consider getting the right packing materials. You will need newspaper and bubble wrap as they will help in keeping the fragile items safe not only during transportation but also when they are in storage.

#4. Disassemble Your Items

One important rule that you should follow when it comes to packing and storing is to disassemble every item that can be taken apart. This will save your items from getting damaged. Moreover, you will be able to place them easily into a smaller storage unit. The things which can be easily disassembled include:

  • Tables
  • Bookshelves
  • Bed frames
  • Chairs with detachable legs

#5. Keep an Inventory of Your Items

Before you put your things into boxes, it is recommended to make an inventory of your belongings. Having an inventory will enable you to keep track of your items as you start the packing and storing process. This way, you will not go searching frantically through your storage unit or your home for a lost item. You can use a spreadsheet to take stock of everything.

#6. Don’t Forget to Label Your Boxes

Labeling your boxes helps in finding the items much quicker. Also, it is suggested to pack your belongings categorically. This means sorting your items on the basis of their attributes, such as fragility, function, and size. For instance, you can place all your utensils in one box and label them. Another thing which you should remember is not to put too much weight on top of fragile items.

#7. Stack Your Items

Once you are done packing, you can proceed with moving your boxes into the storage unit. While you do this process, do everything you can to keep your valuable belongings in perfect condition. When you reach the storage unit, place the boxes in a way so that they occupy less space. One tip here is to stack your boxes based on weight and fragility. You should always start with durable and heavier items and move up as the boxes get lighter.

While placing the items in the storage, make sure to store them on the basis of accessibility. This means that you will be placing items you think you will be moving frequently as easy to access as possible. You should start filling the unit by placing the items near the walls moving in. It will help create maximum space in storage unit, allowing you to make a pathway for yourself so you can roam around.


Packing and moving your belongings to a storage space isn’t as easy as it may sound. Therefore, it is suggested to get some professional help. Luckily, ServiceMarket has some of the best storage units in Dubai. Their professionals will connect you with the right storage company and that too at an affordable price. You can use their service to get any storage unit you want, whether shared or self-storage.

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