5 Ideas for a Standout Yacht Party in the UAE

Ideas for a Standout Yacht Party

Yacht parties in Dubai are always popular, but after a while they all start to look the same. People like something more, something different, something to remember. And what better way to do that than to take the plunge with these great ideas that ServiceMarket has compiled just for you?

A theme to remember

A themed event just looks baller from the get go. For a yacht party, it makes perfect sense to give it a pirate flair with decor, costumes and plenty of themed drinks on the serving table. If buccaneering is a little too wild for your taste, then give your yacht a Hollywood makeover. Roll out the red carpet for your guests as they arrive, blast iconic music and hire professional photographers to take excellent pictures and videos. Focus on genres like spaghetti westerns and fantasy, eras like the 20’s or even pop culture phenomena like memes for a unique and surreal mood to your party that your guests will be bound to talk about years after.

Making waves

Music and smalltalk can only keep your guests from getting bored for so long. Chase away the doldrums by making room for some games and activities for everyone. Set a stage for karaoke and cheer your friends as they sing off-tune. A foam dart board on the side will be perfect for your more sombre guests. Alternatively, get everyone’s blood pumping with some ocean swimming and fly-boarding.

Finger-licking good

Tame the belly and you tame the heart, so be sure to choose the right catering company in DubaiΒ that will exceed expectations in satisfying your guests’ palate. But what to put on the menu? A delectable selection of seafoods such as fish, lobsters, prawns and squid will fit the setting, but you can also never go wrong with ethnic cuisines or maybe even a barbeque on deck. For a standout yacht party, however, you would want to aim at pleasing more than just the tastebuds. A hibachi-style setup with a trained chef creating dishes live is food for the eyes as well as the belly! Be sure to get free quotes from multiple companies that offer catering in Dubai!Β 

Razzle and dazzle

Entertainment has always been one of Dubai’s strong points, so why not bring that on deck? Your guests can’t fly-board all day as it gets understandably exhausting. At times like these, having performers on board will ensure that the excitement doesn’t peter off and fade away. While you might be tempted to have something wild on display like fire eaters, there are better and safer options like inviting a street magician, comedian or musician.

Earning a halo

Fun and games aside, your party can also have a charitable purpose behind it. A yacht party can also become a platform to create awareness about or raise funds for important causes such as protecting wildlife, sending aid to disaster-struck areas or paying tuition fees for underprivileged children. Get in touch with a registered charity in the UAE to arrange for a donation box, and set aside a couple of minutes in your party schedule to say a few lines about the cause.

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