Why FIDI, IAM, and BAR Accreditations Matter When Hiring International Movers in Dubai

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You’d obviously expect your international movers and packers to ensure that your belongings reach their new destination in good condition. It would be easier for you to trust your moving company if they have some sort of official stamp of approval by a recognized authoritative body. This is where FIDI, IAM, BAR, and other international accreditations come in. ServiceMarket collaborated with Fusion Specialized Shipping & Logistics to help you understand the importance of these accreditations.

What is FIDI?

FIDI, known as the International Federation for International Movers, is a global organization based in Belgium. This organization oversees and accredits qualified international relocation service providers around the world. More specifically, FIDI specializes in accrediting companies that move personal and household items rather than commercial products. This is the perfect organization to consult to find companies to move your personal belongings internationally. Β Β Β 

Benefits of hiring a FIDI accredited company

There are several reasons why you should move using a FIDI certified relocation company. Before allowing a company to join FIDI, the organization thoroughly evaluates the service provider. FIDI has over two-hundred quality requirements which cover every major aspect of an international moving process. Any company that would like to receive the FIDI accreditation must meet all of these requirements. However, FIDI does not stop there! All members of this organization go through periodic assessments to ensure they continue to meet FIDI’s strict standards. For you, this means that you are choosing an international mover that has the know-how and resources to handle your goods properly, and you’ll be able to avoid damages, losses, hidden costs, and hassles.

What is IAM?

IAM, the International Association of Movers, is another organization that accredits international moving companies all around the world. In fact, it is the largest international movers association in the world with over 2000 members! This organization allows international movers to be part of an international movers network if they meet their requirements including a minimum of one year of experience, sponsorship letters from two current IAM members, and proof of business license or registration.

Benefits of hiring an IAM accredited company

IAM members must meet strict criteria to join the association. These requirements make it very difficult for a fraudulent company to get the accreditation. By choosing an AIM accredited company, you will be guaranteed a licensed and experienced service provider. It makes it easier for you to find relocation companies with a good reputation and no ethical issues.

What is BAR?

BAR, the British Association of Removers, was formed over a 100 years ago and is currently promoting and representing more than 250 international associates and 450 UK-based removals companies. They develop and oversee professional standards to make sure that those who use BAR certified movers and packers can have peace of mind.

Benefits of hiring a BAR certified company

If you want transparency in your dealings with the moving company, then you should definitely consider using a BAR member. By doing so, you can expect a high level of service from the start to the end of the moving process. BAR also protects the advance payment you give to your moving company. Only movers who meet the high standards set by BAR can become members. What’s more, its members are audited every year to make sure they are operating according to BAR’s code of practice.

These organizations also provide a list of fraudulent moving companies in your area so you can avoid them. Other international moving organizations include International Air Transport Association (IATA), American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA), and the Canadian Association of Movers (CAM).

You can have peace of mind and make the process hassle-free by hiring an accredited international mover and packer in Dubai.

About Fusion Specialized Shipping & Logistics

Fusion Specialized Shipping & Logistics is a fast-growing Removals & Relocation service provider offering complete mobility solutions to its customers around the world. With both IAM and BAR certifications, it has the experience, knowledge, and dedicated professionals to make sure that all your questions and concerns are not only addressed, but taken care of, so that there are no surprises or hidden costs. Besides offering packing services that meet international standards, Fusion Specialized Shipping assists with the export and import documentation procedures, provides customs information, indicates possible customs duties and taxes, provides a list of prohibited items, and does much more to help you with your move. The company’s goal is to ensure each move goes smoothly and stress-free and for this reason, they will treat your belongings like their own and put in their best efforts to ensure that your personal effects are delivered to your destination safely.

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