Moving from Dubai to England: All You Need to Know

Moving from Dubai to UK

Any time you move from one country to another, you can expect a bit of a culture shock. Moving from Dubai to the United Kingdom is no exception. A lot will change for you when you move and live as an expat in the UK. There are few basic things you need to know about before you relocate to the UK so you can better understand the environment you will be living in. To make the change easier for you and your family, try contacting a professional international movers in Dubai. ServiceMarket allows you to find the best relocation service in the city with the click of a button.

Start House Hunting Early

Before actually moving to the UK from Dubai, you need to find a place to live! Finding housing after you make your move is extremely difficult, so it is best to start looking early and have a game plan in place. Set a budget for housing cost and start looking within your range. If at all possible, try to visit the UK before you make the big move to find housing. If you can’t visit, try to contact a friend in the area for some help.

Don’t Take Everything

It can be tempting to pack up everything you own and take it with you to the UK. This is not a very smart idea. Before you move, you really need to declutter and cut down on your belongings. Separate your items into things you will keep and things you will give away. After you know exactly what you’ll be moving with you to the UK, look for the right international movers. Decide on the route you would like to take and any extra services you need.

Animal Laws are No Joke

If you are thinking of relocating from Dubai to England with pets, then get ready for a bit of a hassle. The United Kingdom has some very strict and stringent laws about bringing in international animals. All your pets must have the proper immunizations and paperwork to document their health status from certified vets. Read up and double check all UK laws that apply to your pets to be sure they will be allowed in the country.

You Need to Get Out There to Meet People

Many expats living in the UK, especially in big cities, will tell you that you can’t be shy if you want to make friends. If you think that you can lay back and people will come up to you to start a friendly conversation, you will be disappointed. Big cities in the UK are full of fast paced young professionals that usually most likely won’t be knocking on your front door to welcome you to the neighbourhood. If you want to make new friends, try asking people at work to hang out or join a gym to meet new people. All you need to do is get out there, have fun, and be friendly.

Businesses in the UK Close Very Early!

In Dubai, we have become accustomed to having stores open pretty much at anytime of the day or night. Dubai is really the city that never sleeps. The UK, on the other hand, does not share Dubai’s nighttime energy at all. You will be very surprised when you relocate to the UK that your local grocery store closes around 5:30 or 6:00 pm and doesn’t reopen until 9:00 am the next morning. On top of that, many businesses either close on Sundays or have reduced hours. This may be quite difficult to deal with especially if you are working a 9-5 job. Be sure to organize your time according to this new information.

Opening a Bank Account

Much like the UAE, the UK has strict laws about residents opening bank accounts in the country. It is most likely not possible for you to open a British bank account before you arrive in the UK so plan accordingly. Make sure to keep your Dubai bank account open until you get a new bank account in the UK. A big step you can take to make this step easier for you is to open a bank account in Dubai with branches in the UK. This will make your money related issues a lot let complex.

Have Money Saved Up!

Like Dubai, the UK is also very expensive to live in. Rent, utilities, high taxes, and much more are things you should thing about saving up for beforehand. Any time you move, you should be sure to have an emergency fund for any unexpected payments or crises.

The UK is Cold!

Unlike Dubai, the UK is very cold and damp. You’ll be seeing rain for most of the year. In the winter, you will also be seeing a lot of snow which you never see in Dubai. This can be a bit of a shock and may cause you some discomfort at first. Be prepared for the UK weather and don’t let it ruin your mood. Pack the appropriate clothes with you and try to enjoy the change.


As you have probably already heard, people n the UK drive on the left side of the road. This change is no joke! Trying to drive in the UK is difficult and confusing. You will more than likely need to take a few driving lessons before you can drive in the UK. If you feel you can’t handle the driving change, start to learn about public transportation in the city you live in or save up for an uber. Cars are also a lot more expensive to buy and maintain in the UK than in Dubai due to taxes, high fuel prices, and high insurance rates.

To make your relocation process less strenuous and much more relaxing, try hiring a professional international movers in Dubai. Relocation companies will help you find all the services you need to make the UK feel like home in no time. You can find the best relocation companies on ServiceMarket.

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