Is It Worth Getting Shared Storage in Abu Dhabi

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If you have recently moved homes in Abu Dhabi, you may have a few extra items that you are not ready to give away just yet. Renting a self or shared storage unit could be the perfect solution to tuck away these items or other belongings occupying space in your home.

Not everything needs separate storage especially when you have got just a few items to store. In such a case, it makes sense to get shared storage in Abu Dhabi for staying organized and storing your belongings in a safe space. 

Is Shared Storage Worth It?

Shared storage can be beneficial in several ways. Consider these benefits to decide if it is worth renting out a space with someone else to store your precious belongings:  

Affordable Storage Solution 

Shared storage is ideal for those with budget constraints. When you have some extra items to store and can’t afford a self-storage unit, sharing one with someone you can trust can lower the expense. Shared storage in Abu Dhabi is also affordable for students moving to college. They will have to pay less if someone else is also sharing the expense of the unit. 

Easier Maintenance 

While self-storage units are low-maintenance too, you still have to put in extra effort to ensure your belongings stay in top condition. On the other hand, when sharing a unit with a trusted person, you are also sharing management responsibilities such as organizing, cleaning, and ensuring the safety of your items. This makes maintenance easier. You can always ask them to check your belongings in case you are not around.

Temporary Storage Option 

We often find ourselves in need of a temporary storage solution from time to time. You may not be moving but have to empty your house for a major home renovation project. Or, you may be putting your home up for sale and you have extra furniture or clunky items lying around that aren’t ideal for real estate showing. A shared storage unit is a perfect temporary hideout in situations like these.  

Things to Look for in a Shared Storage Unit

Ready to invest in a shared storage unit? Consider these factors as you make your final decision: 


Security must always be your first consideration when choosing a storage facility. The unit must be well-lit and have video surveillance at the very least. Some facilities also feature alarms and security access to authorized personnel only. Nevertheless, the storage facility you are trusting your belongings with should be safe and secure. 


Let’s say you are moving homes. In that case, it’s ideal to choose a location closer to your home for an easier transition. On the other hand, if you simply need a storage unit for storing the belongings of a deceased family member or items that you don’t need, then a far-off location could work for you. 

Think about how frequently you would want to visit the storage facility and determine the location most convenient for you.


Although part of the maintenance responsibility lies on you and the other person, the storage companies also take measures to keep the facilities clean. If you happen to visit a location that isn’t maintained properly, consider it a warning sign. Choose only the company that takes measures to maintain the quality of the facility as this shows they care about your belongings too. 


To rent shared storage or not demands a lot of thinking. It’s recommended to carefully analyze your belongings to determine if they should be donated/disposed of or stored away. If it’s worth paying rent on these items, look for a storage company you can trust.

ServiceMarket can save you the time and hassle involved in searching for a trusted shared storage company in Abu Dhabi. Choose a company with the most affordable rates and store your precious belongings in a safe and secure unit. 

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