10 Catering Tips to Throw the Best Dubai Birthday Party for your Child

Catering for kids birthday party in Dubai

Throwing your child a birthday party can be a very exciting – albeit at times a stressful – affair. Β It goes without saying that children’s birthday parties in Dubai have become quite elaborate, and it can get very overwhelming for parents to make sure the party is a success for their child, their friends and their friends’ parents!

We teamed up with some of the top catering companies in DubaiΒ to ask for their advice and creative ideas to host a beautiful birthday party for your child.

First of all, the cake:

Dream up a creative, customized cake: Β Ask your child to choose the theme of the cake they would like to have for their birthday. From princesses to superheroes, Dubai catering companies can pretty much whip together any custom cake that your child dreams of. One of Dubai’s most imaginative dessert companies, SugarMoo Desserts says β€œthe sky is the limit for us. We can pretty much do anything.”

Catering for kids birthday party in Dubai

Consider a β€œSmash” Cake: These cakes are perfect if it’s your baby’s first birthday party. Let your child dive into their own cake and enjoy playing with it. SugarMoo Desserts is specialized in these smash cakes and can make them with ingredients that are of the best quality.

Catering for kids birthday party in Dubai

How about Cupcakes instead? Cupcakes can are a quick and easy alternative to custom cakes, and it’s much easier for kids just to grab them and go. You can make them more personalized by using edible printed icing (pictures of your child with his/her friends), or giving them a unique theme. You can also set them on a cupcake tree for a wonderful Instagram photo op.

Catering for kids birthday party in Dubai

Now for the food…

Think of a theme for the food: Chef Elias Kandalaft from Pinch Gourmet highly recommends having a unique theme to your food, β€œto entice the children at the party to eat the food and have fun at the same time.”. Making characters out of food or adding smiley faces to food goes a long way with kids.

Catering for kids birthday party in DubaiΒ Catering for kids birthday party in Dubai

Superhero themes are especially popular: Kids love superheroes, so decorating the table with superhero slogans and logos does a great job in highlighting the food.

Stick to Finger Food: Toddlers and children will likely want to eat on the go, so stick to finger food. Small sandwiches, pastries, chicken or beef skewers, and veggies and dip are just some ideas to get you going.

Consider a Milkshake Bar: Milkshakes are the trend this year and who doesn’t love a cold, creamy milkshake at a garden party? Specialized dessert companies like SugarMoo can create a live station for milkshakes at your party, and serve them fresh to your little guests.

Catering for kids birthday party in Dubai

The Fun and Games:

Hire a live act: There are many specialized entertainment companies in Dubai who have talented magicians, clowns or fun MC’s who will keep the kids smiling and ensure they are having a great time.

No budget for entertainment? You can’t go wrong with face painting: Young children love getting their faces painted, and it’s a great way to keep them sitting still for at least a few minutes! In terms of budget, face painters typically charge less than magicians and clowns.

And finally…

Don’t go overboard: At the end of the day, the party is for you to celebrate with your loved ones. So set realistic expectations for yourself in terms of what you can manage to pull off that day – in terms of time you have to commit, budget you have at hand, and how involved you want to be. If you’re a natural-born Martha Stewart, then consider throwing the party at home and plan it yourself. If not, Dubai is the best place find people who are willing to help you out. You can find caterers, entertainers, and event planners to help you pull off the party with little stress.

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