Handyman 101: How to Light Your Doha Apartment

Hire handyman in Doha to install light fixtures

Some apartments in Doha come with problems such as low ceilings, cramped rooms and little-to-no natural light. Fortunately, you can remedy most of these issues by hiring a handyman in Doha to make slight changes around your place. A great way to spruce up a small apartment is to improve the lighting. With appropriate lighting any dreary apartment can appear like a dream home. Here are some tips from the home maintenance experts at ServiceMarket to light your apartment like a pro.Β 

Enhance your space with a ceiling lighting fixture

If you hire a handyman in Doha to install a bold ceiling fixture, it will direct attention upward, instead of towards the walls, and open up your space. Remember that the lighting fixture should not hang low as that will emphasize the lack of space. A visually interesting flush mount, on the other hand, should provide multidimensional lighting and can become the focal point of the room. Furthermore, the ceiling light does not need to come in the form of a single fixture in the middle of the room. Adding recessed spotlights will give your living space an uncluttered and polished look. Another increasingly popular option is track lighting, which when done correctly can be truly useful, especially for multipurpose spaces or studio apartments.

Add more sources of light in a room

Natural light changes through the day and a well-designed interior takes this change into account. A good practice is to ensure that every room of your apartment has at least two to three different sources of light.Β Another way to enhance the lighting in your apartment is to install dimmers. You can find many reliable maintenance companies in Doha that will be able to cater to your needs. Flexible lighting is especially important for cities with a desert climate like Doha.

Effective window treatments

Effective use of curtains and blinds is essential in a city like Doha, where the climate is hot for most of the year. You can find information on the correct use of curtains and blinds to keep the light in and the heat out in this article. Indirect or subdued natural light provides a cooling effect. Remember to maximize the natural light by keeping your windows clean. You can do this with ease by employing the services of professional window cleaners in Doha.

Choose lighting fixtures according to the rooms

Each room of your apartment has specific lighting needs. Your kitchen, bedroom, and powder room have very individual characteristics and therefore, very particular lighting needs. For your kitchen, task lighting may be a good idea, while for your bedroom more natural light may be the more suitable option. A low pendant may be a fine choice for your bathroom, while sconces and overhead lighting may be what the powder room for your guests needs. Your lighting preferences should be dictated by the function a room serves in your apartment.

For multipurpose spaces or studio apartments, go for lighting fixtures that allow maximum flexibility. Lamps can be an easy and excellent resource to not only create visual interest but also give you more control of a room’s ambiance. In tiny corridors, however, lamps can clutter up the space so using task lighting may be more appropriate to illuminate dark corners and create the illusion of added space. Also, using ceiling lights to create a vertical path in hallways can direct attention upwards and distract people from paying attention to the width of a hallway.

Follow a theme

A city like Doha can offer you a lot of design choices, which is only ideal if you have a very clear vision of what you want. Defining an overarching theme limits your choices and helps you stay focused. Handymen in Doha can cater to all your needs, whether you want to go traditional super contemporary, or somewhere in the middle. If you choose to add traditional lighting fixtures to an otherwise minimalist interior to create visual interest, a handyman in Doha would be able to help you achieve that vision.

Just remember to take into account the apartment’s architecture and the amount of space you have available when you are deciding on a theme. You may like traditional lighting fixtures, but they might not be the best fit for a studio apartment that may require a more minimalist interior.

The often-ignored lighting may be the single most important decor item in your apartment, but it does not exist in isolation. Your lighting fixtures need to tie in with the overall aesthetics of your apartment so choose wisely.

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