Has the 20 km/h Speeding Grace Window Been Removed?

20 km/h Speeding Grace Window, UAE

When the new traffic rules rolled in on the 1st of July, there’d been more than a few whisperings that the 20 km/h speed grace window had been… well… thrown out the window. Traffic-related fatalities reached a worrying two lives per day last year and the Ministry of Interior is determined to bring that figure down to nil as fast as possible. That’s why new regulations have been introduced to include several more safety requirements and increased penalties for violations. Some people were understandably worried that the speeding buffer had been discarded as per the change in laws as well.

What is this speeding grace window? Most UAE motorists know that most roads in Dubai come with a small speeding buffer. The buffer amount depends on the road but on most roads you can go over an existing speed limit by 20 km/h before you get fined. So for example, if the limit is 100 km/h, you will typically be fined for speeds above 120 km/h. You can get the low-down on speeding limits on main roads in Dubai in our β€œGuide to Dubai’sΒ Speed Limits” article.

Never trust rumours, folks, because the grace window is still in place. Although speed limits have changed for certain roads and intersections – and the RTA is working on a sure-fire way to let you know about those limit changes – you can still drive up to 20 km/h over existing speed limits on the main highways like Sheikh Zayed Road. Myth: BUSTED!

Have you been flashed while driving within the grace speed window? Don’t worry – chances are you haven’t been fined! New radars have been introduced in some areas of Dubai which flash if you go 10 km/h over the limit, to warn you that you’re speeding and approaching the upper end of the grace window. Regardless, it’s better to drive at the designated speed limits to stay safe. Also, some roads have different limits at certain sections, and you might accidentally go way above the grace window if you don’t notice theΒ sudden drop. Also, there are reports of temporary cameras showing up on roads in Dubai, so drive safely and make sure not to risk a hefty speeding fine.

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