How to Hire a Gardener in Dubai

gardener in Dubai

Every garden has its own specific needs and not every gardener would have the expertise to take care of your garden. In Dubai, you can see many freelance gardeners going from home to home to offer their services. They usually charge a lot less than gardeners who work with reputable gardening companies. However, they might not be able to take care of big gardens with exotic plants and landscaping. To help you decide whether you should hire an independent gardener or a gardening company, ServiceMarket has prepared the following guide:   

Independent gardeners:

Independent gardeners charge less, but they often have limited expertise. You should hire an independent gardener if your garden just requires watering, mowing, and pruning. You can hire them to do basic garden maintenance services for you a few times every week for just AED 200 to AED 600 per month.

Pros Cons
  • Compared to gardening companies, independent gardeners are much more affordable.
  • They might be willing to help you with other chores such as washing your car or cleaning the swimming pool.
  • Independent gardeners usually don’t have any certifications in gardening and are likely to have very limited expertise.
  • Most of them don’t have any equipment of their own, so you will have to supply it.
  • They don’t have the skills to take care of gardens with advanced features and special needs.
  • They are less likely to provide a substitute gardener if they take some time off from work.

Pros & cons of hiring a gardening company:

You should hire a gardening company if your garden has advanced features like landscaping and special needs beyond basic maintenance.

Pros Cons
  • Gardeners who work with reputable companies usually have certifications in gardening, which means that with their knowledge about seasonal plants, they can keep your garden green even at the peak of summer.
  • They will bring their own equipment, including tools like prune scissors, rake, and spade, so you won’t have to spend any extra cash on it.
  • Gardening companies will send a gardener to your home at a time that suits you and have multiple substitute gardeners.
  • They can help you in designing gardens from scratch and revamp your garden with new landscaping features.
  • Gardening companies are more expensive than independent gardeners.

You should consider the following factors while screening potential gardeners:

  1. Knowledge about plants: A gardener should be able to give you advice on which plants would be most suitable for your garden and where they should be planted. An experienced gardener would also keep your garden lively with the right kinds of seasonal and exotic plants.
  2. Is your gardens in crisis? Needless to say, you have to look for the best gardeners in Dubai if you notice any sort of damage or decay in your garden. Most often, we see plants withering and grass turning brown at the peak of summer. A good gardener should be able to reverse the effects of heat by coming up with a better watering schedule and choosing the right sort of plants and soil. Other common problems that gardeners have to deal with include pest infestations and plant diseases.
  3. Portfolio: You can finalize a good landscape gardener by looking at their portfolio. Ask them to show you pictures of other similar gardens they have grown in the neighborhood.
  4. How much time will they spend? Make sure the gardener is willing to spend the necessary amount of time in your garden each week, especially in summer when your garden needs to be watered more often.
  5. How big is the company? Big companies have a diverse staff of gardeners. So, it is better to get in touch with a big company if you are looking for a specific service or expertise. Another benefit of hiring through a big company is that they can quickly find a replacement if your gardener goes on holiday.

How much is it going to cost me?

Be prepared to spend around AED 5,000  initially on setting up the irrigation system and planting grass, trees, and flowers. In general, garden maintenance can vary from AED 200 – 600 per month, depending on the size of your garden and what type of services you require. As an extra perk, some independent gardeners might even agree to wash your car a few times every week for an extra AED 50-100 per month.

At ServiceMarket, we can connect you to the most reputable and experienced gardening companies in Dubai. You can also compare companies and read customer reviews before you make your final decision.

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