How to Get Stains out of Your Carpet 

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Did someone just spill food or a beverage on your favorite carpet? Then this is the article for you! A recent accident in your home doesn’t mean your carpet is ruined forever. You just need to follow some of the tried and tested tips the carpet cleaning professionals at ServiceMarket have compiled and it should be as good as new! You can also always hire a carpet cleaning company in Dubai to get the stain out.

Remedies for common stains

When you think of common stains, you probably think of mud, coffee, tea or any type of food. Here are some things you can do it at home to remove these types of stains:

  • Mix dishwashing liquid with water. Create a mixture of dishwashing liquid and warm water and put the solution into a spray water bottle. Don’t apply the solution directly to the stain. Spray it on a clean cloth and dab the spot. Repeat this process a few times and the stain will be gone.
  • Mix water with detergent solution. Same as the first tip: mix warm water with the detergent solution for optimal results. Similarly, you don’t want to apply the solution to the stain itself so use a clean cloth again and dab until the stain is gone.
  • If the stain is recent and still wet, leave some paper towels over it with a heavy item on top and leave it overnight. This applies to any kind of beverage, hot or cold.
  • On certain types of stains, chlorine bleach with water works wonders!  
  • Vinegar solution is perfect to get rid of any type of dirt stain. Get your carpet looking clean and fresh when you apply vinegar and water to the stain itself for best results.

If getting stains on your carpet is a recurring problem, you should implement a rule for family and guests to take their shoes off at the front door. It’s just a lot easier than having to tackle muddy spots at the end of each day. For really stubborn stains, it’s best to call a carpet cleaning company in Dubai since they provide services and possess equipment that you don’t have at home.

What to look for in carpet cleaning companies

Even if you don’t have a stain on your carpet at the moment, you should consider getting in touch with a carpet cleaning company, especially if you consider your carpet an investment. Browse online for reviews of cleaning services in Dubai to find out if they’re good enough to hire at a moment’s notice! You also need to check their certifications and ensure that they have all the required licenses to be in this industry. Find out how long the company has been operational to gain some insight on how professional and established they are.

Another factor that not many people consider is the type of products the carpet cleaners in Dubai will be using. Are they environmentally friendly? Are the products harmful to the family’s health? Another tip is to ask the cleaners how long the cleaning process will take. That way you can plan your day around it instead of cancelling plans last minute if it’s a lengthy procedure.

How thorough are their cleaning methods? You can inquire about the methods the company uses and look out for mentions of steam cleaning. If they offer this service, then you’re in good hands. Steam cleaning gets your entire carpet completely clean and removes anything hidden in the base.

Ask for a quote

Before making any final decisions, get your shortlisted carpet cleaning companies in Dubai to send you a quote for their services. Many companies can overcharge and it’s good to know more about the market before committing. 

If the stains aren’t going away or your carpet is looking old, make an appointment with a carpet cleaning service in Dubai for a thorough cleaning. The sooner you book a carpet cleaning service through ServiceMarket, the easier it will be to get rid of the stains!

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