Step by Step Guide to Getting Car Insurance in the UAE

Step by step guide to getting car insurance

Owners of both new and used cars are legally required to get motor insuranceΒ in the UAE . However, with so many insurance policies out there, you might find the process confusing. Many car owners make the mistake of selecting the cheapest insurance policy they find and don’t fully understand the terms and conditions. ServiceMarket has put together this helpful guide to walk you through each step of the process and help you select the right car insurance policy for you.

– Decide whether you need comprehensive or third-party liability insurance:

  • Comprehensive insurance: If you are getting your car financed most banks will make it mandatory for you to get comprehensive insurance. As its name implies, comprehensive car insurance covers pretty much everything including damages to your car as well as other cars involved in the accident. You can also file a claim for damages caused by accidents, theft, fire and vandalism.
  • Third-party liability insurance: TPL is a basic insurance policy that only covers damage to the other car and its passengers in an accident. You will have to pay for all damages to your car and also for your medical bills if you get injured. Many people opt for this insurance because the premium is much lower. However, considering there were over 3,000 accidents in Dubai last year, choosing third-party liability insurance can prove to be an expensive decision!

– Get multiple insurance quotes: It’s always a good idea to get in touch with multiple car insurance companies to compare the options available to you. You can do this easily online by entering your details on ServiceMarket to compareΒ up-to-date quotes from multiple car insurance providers – you can then purchase your selected insurance online.Β 

Here’s an insider’s tip: If you have not had any recent accidents, request your current insurance company to provide you with a no claims certificate which you can use to get a discount on your new policy.

– Compare your quotes carefully: It’s important to look at the insurance policies carefully and fully understand the exclusions. Some of the cheaper policies may not cover you for things like driving outside of the UAE, so you will need to consider which policy makes the most sense for you given your requirements.Β 

Comparing insurance policies can be confusing. That’s why ServiceMarket has developed a technique to help you compare insurance policies – for each comparison factor, a β€œthumb” point is awarded to the policy which offers the widest cover. The number of thumbs awarded to a policy indicates the overall quality of the cover – and you can sort the policies by the thumbscore, making it easy for you to understand which is the best policy.

– Select suitable add-ons: You will usually need to pay a higher premium for each add-on you add to your policy, so consider them carefully and pick the right ones before you purchase the policy.

You should keep the following useful add-ons in mind:

  • Roadside assistance: This add-on can be a lifesaver. If your car breaks down or you run out of fuel, you can simply make a call and mechanics will come to help you. Roadside assistance also includes towing services.
  • Agency repairing services: Some people prefer to only use the official dealer to repair any damages to their car. Agency repair typically costs more, but is seen by many to be of a higher standard of service.
  • Coverage across the GCC: Not all insurance policies offer this option. If you travel frequently to other GCC countries, you should definitely consider it to make sure you remain covered at all times.
  • Rental car: In case of any damage to your car, some policies offer a temporary rental car while the car is being repaired. Take note of the maximum number of days that the rental car will be offered for.
  • Personal accident cover: This covers death or serious bodily injury of the driver.
  • Personal accident cover for passengers: This covers death or serious bodily injury to any passengers.

– Make sure you have all the necessary documents: Once you have selected which car insurance you want to purchase, you will need to provide copies of the following documents: driving licence, passport, residence visa, and vehicle registration card.