The Missing Spare Tyre

Spare tyre alternatives, including car insurance

There is a new trend: spare tyres are no longer coming as standard equipment with many new cars. The AAA in the USA has reported that 28% of the 2017 model year vehicles didn’t have spare tyres and that number is likely to rise in the coming years. ServiceMarket looks into the missing spare tyre trend and some alternative solutions, including car insurance, in this handy guide.

Why are spare tyres missing in newly manufactured cars?

Manufacturers are reporting several reasons for this:

  • To reduce weight in new cars
  • To reduce fuel consumption as a result of the weight reduction
  • To comply with updated carbon emissions standards
  • To reduce the cost of including a spare tyre in the car manufacturing process

Missing spare tyre alternatives

Luckily, there are alternatives for you to look into in case you find yourself with a new car that is missing a spare tyre.

A tyre repair kit

Cars will no longer come with a full-size spare tyre, but the new standard for cars means that they will come with a tyre repair kit instead. The tyre repair kit will include a latex sealant and an air pump that you can use to temporarily fix the tyre. The latex sealant is forced into the tyre through the valve and will plug the puncture for long enough that you can get to a repair shop to have the tyre replaced.

While this is an easier alternative to changing a tyre, there are some downsides:

  • The instructions are often not written clearly, so you would need to familiarize yourself with the β€˜car lingo’ beforehand.
  • The kit can only be used once and will have to be replaced.
  • The sealant expires after 5 years and will not work if it is used past its expiry date.
  • This solution will also not work if you happen to experience a blowout on the road.

A thinner β€œspace saving” tyre

The other solution is for you to buy a β€œrun-flat” tyre that will allow you to drive about 160 km and at a much slower speed– just far enough to get to your repair shop in Dubai to have the tyre replaced and changed out. These are much thinner and lighter than the full-sized spare and are much easier to change out because of their smaller size. However, these tyres are expensive to replace if they are damaged.

How can car insurance help

Car insurance in Dubai is a compulsory requirement for all residents who own a car in the UAE. The rate of roadside accidents in the UAE is fairly high, so it is important to ensure that you are covered in case you find yourself in a fender bender. Besides the benefits that come with having comprehensive insurance coverage, some insurance policies also include roadside assistance. This is a great alternative especially if you don’t know how to change a flat and/or don’t have a spare in your trunk. Many car insurance companies in Dubai offer great packages, and some even have apps for roadside assistance. All of these benefits are designed with the purpose of making car assistance faster and more convenient for you.

Having car insurance ensures that you can cruise the roads of Dubai with total peace of mind, knowing that you are covered in case there is an emergency situation. Are you looking for car insurance quotes or just more information on what the different car insurance companies in Dubai can offer you? ServiceMarket partners with car insurance companies in Dubai to bring you free car insurance quotes to make your search easier.