Moving from Dubai to Australia: All You Need to Know

Moving from Dubai to Australia

There is so much you need to know about your international move from Dubai to Australia. But don’t fret, because ServiceMarket has got you covered. Before you embark on your big journey, find out all you need to know about international moving services in Dubai.

How much does it cost?

International shipping can be heavy on the pocket. However, not all shipping methods cost the same. For example, shipping your belongings by sea costs a lot less than air and ground shipping. On average, it will cost you AED 19,000 to AED 25,000 to move from the UAE to major Australian cities such as Sydney and Melbourne by sea. You can refer to our article on understanding international moving costs in Dubai for more details.

Should you ship your car?

As a former colony of the United Kingdom, Australia adopted many English customs including driving on the left side of the road. Due to this, your UAE car may be useless to you in Australia. According to Australian law, all registered vehicles must be right-hand drives. On top of that, for you to be able to ship your car to Australia, you must have owned it and had a valid driver’s license for at least 12 months. Take a look at the car shipping requirements for Australia before you look for a shipping company.

How long does it take to ship your belongings?

Shipping your belongings by air from the UAE to Australia will only take about 2-3 days to arrive. However, when you ship your belongings by sea, which is the cheaper option, it will take about 21-26 days for them to arrive in Australia. Knowing the shipping duration is important for planning purposes so be sure to ask your international movers about this point beforehand.

Getting the right shipping company

Finding the right international movers and packers in Dubai to ship your belongings from the UAE to Australia is not as difficult as you think. Look online for licensed and FIDI-accredited companies. Use ServiceMarket to find international movers in Dubai who have all the best international and local licensing and qualifications.

Cut the cost

There are many ways you can cut the cost of shipping your belongings from Dubai to Australia. The best method for cutting costs is to ship your belongings during the off-season. Of course, this will depend on your moving date, but if you can move during the off season it will be a big plus for you financially speaking. You can also choose to sell or donate most of your belongings in Dubai so that you don’t need to book a full container for your relocation. Opting for groupage services is much cheaper.

What cannot be shipped to Australia?

Other than the usual firearms and narcotics, there are a lot of things that cannot be shipped to Australia. You can’t ship live plants, for example, to Australia. Take a look at the AQIS guidelines. These guidelines dictate what can and cannot be brought into the country. You need to be extremely careful when packing. The Australian Quarantine and Inspections Service employees are very diligent in inspections. If your shoes have dirt on them, for example, they will charge you hundreds of dollars for the shoes to be cleaned or destroy them for you at a fee.

What happens on the other side?

International movers in Dubai partner with moving companies in Australia to complete your journey for you. If you need storage or have your belongings moved to your new home from the harbor, then the sister company in Australia will get that done for you. Ask your international movers in Dubai what the name of the partner company is so you can look up reviews to make sure it is a good fit for you.

Remember to ask as many questions as you like during your move. Research Australian customs laws very thoroughly and be sure to ask the shipping company about anything unclear. On top of that, make sure you hire a responsible and professional international moving company in Dubai to help you move. These professionals can easily be found on ServiceMarket.

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