Dubai to Canada: Things to Take with You

Packing items to move from Dubai to Canada

Moving from Dubai to Canada is a big step. There are so many changes in store for your lifestyle. It may be tempting to pack up all your belongings in Dubai and ship them in a big container overseas, but that is probably not the most logical decision. You need to sit down and think about the lifestyle changes that will come along with your move and adjust what you own based on the upcoming change.

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Leave the Bulk Behind

Large items are very expensive to ship from Dubai to Canada. Things like old furniture or decorative items that take up space or are heavy will only increase your shipment bill. You are probably better off buying new furniture in Canada. If the heavy items have sentimental value, you should put them in storage. Otherwise, you can donate or sell whatever you don’t need. Take into consideration that bulk also means weight. So, things like old paper documents you never use anymore or even books you read long ago can pack many pounds of weight into your shipment. We recommend that you clean out your belongings and only take what you need.

Your Appliances are Useless Overseas

Canada has a different voltage than the UAE. While there are adapters available, they will come at a cost and will not work for all your appliances. It would be a huge waste to transport all your heavy appliances to Canada and end up having to throw them away because they didn’t work or got damaged. Instead, opt for selling or even donating your old appliances. This will help you cut down on the cost of shipping and the money you make from selling can go towards buying new ones in Canada.

Dress for the Weather

The biggest difference between Canada and Dubai is definitely the weather. While Dubai is warm and sunny all year round, Canada is cold and rainy. Whether you are moving to Vancouver or Toronto, expect cold weather. Your breezy summer clothes will not come in handy in Canada so it is better to leave most of them behind. Instead, buy a few warm essentials in Dubai and replace the rest by buying good fall and winter outfits in Canada as soon as you get there.

Get All the Documents

Canada has some very strict rules regarding what and who can be allowed into the country. Before you take off from Dubai, make sure you have all the paperwork you require to enter the country. This paperwork not only includes your passport and visa, but also your birth certificate, relevant vaccination records, and pet medical records. If you show up at Vancouver International Airport, for example, with a small animal and no record of vaccination, the animal may be refused entry into the country and you will find yourself in a very difficult situation.

No Exotic Items!

You really don’t want to be stopped by customs while making an international move. Relocating is enough stress as is. Try not to take any exotic items along with you to Canada. Non-native plants, fur coats, exotic animals, and any other products that may not be common to the country should be left behind. Read and review the guidelines for what is and isn’t allowed into the country before you travel.

Your Car

If you have just purchased a new car and found out that you have to move, you need to make a few calculations before you decide what to do with your vehicle. Shipping a car to Canada can cost you upwards of AED 17,000. Access your particular situation and make the right decision based on proper calculations.

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