Moving out of Qatar? Here’s Your Full To-Do List

Moving from Qatar

Are you moving from Qatar?

Need help getting organized with your upcoming international move from Qatar? Use this moving checklist to help you get sorted and find surprisingly easy solutions to a somewhat stressful situation.

  1. Sell or donate non-valuable, easily replaceable items: Over time we all tend to accumulate unnecessary stuff that when it comes down to it, serves no purpose and will only add to your moving cost. So go through your home and get rid of everything that serves no value, no purpose and no sentiment. You can donate your items to Qatar charity.
  2. Read custom regulations: It’s important to know what you can bring in the country you are traveling to and what you can’t in order to avoid taxation or legal problems. ServiceMarket can help you with this information by allocating a knowledgeable partner to you.
  3. Get multiple moving quotes: When moving internationally getting quotes in advance is extremely important. Different prices suggest different inclusion of services and it is important to read the contract very carefully. Popular exclusions to cut the costs are: quarantine fees, handling charges and customer import documentation, which will cost you a large sum of money and a lot of headaches if you were to do it yourself. You can get the best quotes and offers right here on ServiceMarket.
  4. Ship or sell your car: When moving abroad, most will have to make the choice of whether to ship or sell the car. In order to make the right choice compare and contrast the price of shipping a car and the amount you will receive if you sell a car.Β In order to get car shipping quotes you can contact ServiceMarket. To see how much your car is priced at, you can contact Abdullah Abdul Dhani & Bros Co or Advantage Used Cars, Al Fardan Automobiles car dealerships in Qatar.
  5. Arrange flights: Once you have selected your Β international moving company and have arranged for the shipping date, it’s time book your flights. Arranging a flight becomes even more important when you are travelling with pets.
  6. Close your bank accounts: Many forget that even though you withdraw all your assets, the bank still keeps the account open. Over time service charges will accumulate and you will be liable. In order to avoid any liability, close your account.
  7. Disconnect utilities and telecommunications: Before leaving Qatar, dont forget to disconnect all your utilities and get the final bill in order to get your final deposit back. You can manage all your bill payments and account closing of utilities through Hukoomi or Kahramaa.
  8. Cancel your visa: As the final step, you should cancel your visa and get your exit permit. In order to avoid potential problems and re-booking of the flight, give in your papers to the P.R.O a week before your flight. Your sponsor is the one responsible for getting the exit permit for you.
  9. Say Goodbye: The last and hardest step is to say goodbye to all your friends. If you are leaving Qatar for good, then take your friends and family out on a night out.

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