Moving to Australia Without a Job: Dos and Don’ts

moving to Australia without a job

Are you planning on moving from Abu Dhabi to Australia without a job offer?

Are you wondering if it is even possible to relocate from Abu Dhabi to Australia without an employment letter in hand?

The answer is yes, it’s possible to settle in Australia without an offer letter but if you manage to get one, it will give you some bonus points and a decent score on your profile. 

These additional points go to the point-based Australian immigration system, where a greater number increases the probability of getting an Australian PR visa. 

The Australian government offers several visa options with different eligibility criteria for each providing you an opportunity to migrate without a job. 

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Relocation To Australia Without A Job 

If you are a highly-skilled, well-educated individual who can add value to the Australian economy positively, Australia has several immigration pathways for you. 

Australia is a country that requires a skilled workforce that can help with the growth and development of the country. Read more on how to immigrate to Australia without a job offer.

When you are planning to apply for a job in Australia from overseas, you should keep in mind that Australia may have a different recruitment process than that of your birth country. 

First things first, write an appropriate resume focused on the Australian market. Below mentioned are some dos and don’ts that you should consider while making your resume when moving to Australia without a job.


  • Get hold of an Australian mobile number and postal address as soon as possible to mention it on the resume. 
  • Mention relevant experience and main qualifications to the career overview. 
  • State your employment history clearly. Start by mentioning the most recent experience first and highlight the related experience. 
  • List down all the training attended along with your education, education provider, and the tenure attended. (Start with the most relevant)
  • Focus on your soft skills such as team player, listening, and communicating.
  • Add the business challenges that you’ve faced along with the drivers of the business you have worked in. 
  • If possible, add an Australian-based local referee to your resume. You can easily find one through networking. 
  • If applying from overseas, try and provide a work reference letter or a testimonial.
  • Follow the Australian dictionary and use British English vocabulary. 
  • Make a cover letter, not more than one page. Include the following:
    • Title of the job applying for.
    • Reasons mentioning your interest in this particular job and employer.
    • How your education, experience, and skillset can add value and make you a suitable candidate. 
    • Mention your availability for further discussion or an interview for the position.


  • Don’t add a picture.
  • Don’t add personal details such as marital status or religious views.
  • Don’t give out document details such as the driver’s license or the passport number. 
  • Don’t make the resume complicated. It should be clear, precise and to the point.
  • Don’t make it lengthy. Australian employers are usually looking forward to a one to three-page resume but keep the nature of the job in mind while applying. 
    • One-pager – bar jobs or hospitality
    • Two pager – junior position
    • Three to four pager – a senior position
  • Don’t stick to one resume for every job application. Customize it every time you apply for a specific job.
  • Don’t make assumptions that people know everything. If your resume states overseas experience then provide complete information regarding the firm and the industry you worked in, maybe include a website link for reference.
  • Don’t use an outdated resume. Upgrade the resume and include the most recent work experience. 

The Last Word

Lastly, don’t expect things to work out as they did back home. Be flexible and try to fit in with the local ways to get things done.

In the beginning, you may not get job offers at a higher level or even the same level. That may be because of the lack of local experience and skill set. So take it easy on yourself and go with the flow. In case you need to take a step back to move forward later, go for it.  

Taking help and assistance from industry experts will help you prepare better for the upcoming authorities, increasing your chances of finding your dream job quickly. 

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