Don’t Pack These 5 Items Yourself When Moving From Dubai

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Without proper planning, expertise, resources, and professional international movers, a lot can go wrong when you’re moving from Dubai. For example, if you don’t pack fragile and sensitive items with the right materials, they can get damaged in transit. 

Instead of regretting causing damage to your precious items later on, it is better that you make the right decision beforehand. That’s why it is recommended that you hire international movers in Dubai to tackle this challenging task. Here is a list of items that you shouldn’t pack yourself.

1. Fragile Items Made of Glass and Breakable Materials

Whether you are shipping furniture with glass features, decorative crystal bowls, or a chandelier, fragile and breakable materials pose a packing challenge. Professional relocation services in Dubai may recommend that you transport chandeliers in special crates with padding and protection to prevent individual delicate pieces from scratching or shattering. 

Similarly, glassware will stay protected if kept in specifically designed boxes with individual compartments. For any fragile, breakable materials, professionals will know the safest packing procedure and come prepared with the necessary materials.  

2. Antiques 

Whether they are family heirlooms or a vase that once belonged to royalty, antiques can be extremely valuable or hold sentimental value. If they have survived decades or even centuries, you definitely don’t want them to get damaged during a move. Play it safe, and leave the packing to professional international movers and packers. As an added safety measure you can have your antiques appraised and insured. 

3. Artwork and Collectables

Are you the proud owner of a masterpiece by a famous or local artist? Did you bring back a priceless sculpture from your travels abroad? If you are a collector, or even have two or three pieces of fine art, you want to make sure they complete the move without any damage or even a scratch. If damaged in even the slightest way,, not only would they lose visual appeal but also value. Professionals can help you transport this precious cargo by making sure it is properly packed and insulated against damage. 

4. Electronic Items

Electronics are especially vulnerable to damage and breakage during a move. Proper packing is needed to make sure devices such as LCD or LED TVs, that have giant screens, arrive safely at your new home. Stereo systems and computer screens also need to be protected. It is not easy to replace a cracked screen and could cost you a lot of money. 

Professionals can recommend crating these items or packing them in cardboard boxes with multiple protective layers of styrofoam and other appropriate padding material to prevent damage from vibrations and shocks. 

5. Bulky and Irregular Items

Finally, you may need to transport bulky or irregular items that require careful handling or disassembly such as a grandfather clock, a pool table, or a piano. For example, simply throwing a blanket on a piano won’t ensure that finely-tuned hammers, strings, pedals, and keys wont get damaged – not to mention the fine polish of the wood. For a grandfather clock, the trick is to first disassemble and make sure the sensitive mechanism doesn’t get damaged. You won’t have to worry about such challenges and can have peace of mind if you hire the right international moving company. 


Make your move easier by outsourcing these tasks to professional international movers and packers in Dubai. Apart from saving you ample time for other things, this will give you one less thing to worry about. So, head over to the ServiceMarket website now and book a relocation company as per your convenience and requirements.

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