Pet Boarding Options in Dubai When You Travel for the Summer

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Moving to a new city can be an exciting adventure, but it also comes with its own set of challenges, especially for pet owners. Therefore, before hiring movers and packers, pet owners should first do a quick research to see if the city they are moving to is pet-friendly or not. When moving to Dubai, you can rest assured it is a pet-inclusive place. 

Since summer holidays have started, almost everyone has travel plans. Living in Dubai, you can easily find numerous boarding options for your pet when traveling. Ensuring that your pet is safe, comfortable, and happy while you are away involves exploring various options and finding the one that best suits your needs and your pet’s personality. There are several excellent options to consider when you are going for a vacation while living in Dubai.

Get started with this guide. It will help you navigate through the most popular and reliable choices available.

1. Luxury Hotels for Dogs and Cats

When it comes to luxury and comfort for your furry companions, Dubai’s pet hotels set the gold standard. In this city, the luxury lifestyle extends to pet care as well. Pet hotels in Dubai offer an upscale boarding experience for dogs and cats, providing them with a comfortable and enjoyable stay. These establishments often feature spacious accommodations, personalized care, play areas, and grooming services. Some popular pet hotels in Dubai include:

Urban Tails Pet Resort 

Known for its luxurious suites, dog swimming pool, and dedicated cat room, Urban Tails ensures a lavish stay for pets. They also provide daily updates and photos so you can keep track of your pet’s activities. 

Each dog at Urban Tails enjoys a private suite with a plasma TV and in-room webcam (Urban Suites only), and owners can bring their pets’ favorite items to personalize their space. Dogs participate in daytime playgroups, returning to their rooms tired and happy. They have access to indoor play areas and a shaded garden with pools. Pet Carers supervise all pets, knowing each by name, even at full capacity.

As per those who wish to leave their feline friends, know that they enjoy the quiet of Kitty Village, a dedicated resort area with separate condos, calming music, and a view of the reception area. Each condo features multi-level play spaces, scratch posts, comfy pods, private litter boxes, and ample room, with webcams for owner check-ins. Cats from the same family can share or have adjoining condos. For the second and third family pets sharing a suite, the resort offers a 25% discount.

All cats get daily time to explore a custom-built jungle or nap.

My Second Home 

This sprawling pet resort is one of Dubai’s premier pet boarding facilities, offering a range of accommodations from standard rooms to VIP suites, designed to suit different needs and budgets. The facility boasts extensive indoor and outdoor play areas, including agility courses and swimming pools, ensuring pets stay active and entertained. With professional grooming services and a β€œDoggie Daycare” option, pets receive comprehensive care tailored to their specific needs.

Additionally, My Second Home provides personalized attention from experienced staff and regular updates with photos, giving pet owners peace of mind. The facility also has access to veterinary support for any health concerns. You can check their reputation through customer testimonials, as they highlight the exceptional care and luxurious amenities, making it a top choice for pet boarding in Dubai.

2. Standard Pet Boarding Facilities in Dubai

For those looking for reliable yet less extravagant options, there are many standard pet boarding facilities in Dubai. These facilities ensure your pet is well-cared for with regular feeding, exercise, and socialization. A few top ones include:

Pet Station Kennels and Cattery 

Pet Station Kennels and Cattery in Al Quoz is a highly regarded boarding facility in Dubai, offering spacious kennels for dogs and multi-level catteries for cats. With daily exercise, play sessions, and on-site grooming services, your pet will be comfortable and well-cared for. The dedicated staff provides individualized attention, adhere to specific dietary and medical needs, and maintain high standards of cleanliness and safety, with a vet on-call for emergencies.

They also give regular photo and video updates, so you can enjoy your travel without worrying about your pet. Praised for its professional and caring staff, clean facilities, and quality care, Pet Station is a trusted choice for both short-term and long-term boarding.

Dubai Kennels & Cattery (DKC) 

DKC is one of the oldest pet boarding facilities in Dubai. Offering both kennel and cattery accommodations, DKC is preferred by many for its safe and comfortable environment for pets. They offer various boarding packages, regular exercise, grooming services, and veterinary care. DKC is well-known for its experienced and caring staff, as well as its commitment to maintaining high standards of cleanliness and pet care.

Woof Pet Services 

Known for their friendly and professional staff, Woof Pet Services offers both short-term and long-term boarding options for your dogs. They focus on creating a home-like environment with all the required amenities for your pet.


The PetHaus dog day care in Dubai provides custom-built dog condos and a play space for your canine family members. Their completely licensed accommodation consists of 12 luxury suites that can accommodate up to one dog per suite. Whether you need a day boarding for when you are at work or a longer-term stay while you are away, their dog boarding and day care services will not disappoint you!

3. Pet Boarding Packages and Discounts

During the summer vacations, many pet boarding facilities in Dubai offer special packages and discounts. These packages often include extended stay discounts, grooming services, and additional playtime sessions. It is worth inquiring about these deals as they can make boarding more affordable.

  • Early Booking Discounts: Some facilities offer discounts for bookings made well in advance. Plan your pet’s stay early to take advantage of these offers.
  • Long-Term Stay Packages: If you are planning an extended trip, look for long-term stay packages, which can be more cost-effective than paying daily rates.
  • Referral Discounts: Certain pet boarding services offer discounts if you refer another pet owner. This can be a great way to save money while helping out friends or family with pet care needs.
  • Sharing Discounts: You can even avail discounts if you and your friend both get a shared room or suite for your pets.

Always check the websites or contact the pet hotels directly to inquire about their latest offers and packages.

4. Finding Pet Sitters During Local Moving in Dubai

You would need someone reliable to look after your pet during these times.

Family and Friends

Asking family, friends, or neighbors to look after your pet can be a comfortable and familiar option. Ensure that the person you choose is responsible and has experience with pets. Providing them with detailed instructions about your pet’s routine, diet, and any special needs is crucial for your pet’s well-being.

Professional Pet Sitters

If you prefer a professional service, there are numerous pet sitters in Dubai who offer personalized care for pets in their own homes, facilities, or even in your preferred space. Websites like PetBacker and Rover can help you find reliable pet sitters with verified reviews.

5. Pet Grooming Services and Veterinary Clinics

You can also ask your pet’s regular pet grooming facility or vet for holiday boarding. But always inquire about their accommodation facilities to ensure your pet’s comfort and safety.

Holiday Boarding Services

Many pet grooming services and veterinary clinics in Dubai offer holiday boarding services. This can be an excellent option as your pet is already familiar with the environment and staff. Some well-known places include:

  • Dubai Kennels & Cattery (DKC): Apart from boarding, DKC offers veterinary services and grooming, making it a one-stop solution for pet care.
  • Paws & Whiskers: Known for their grooming services, they also provide boarding with a focus on maintaining your pet’s usual routine and comfort.

Benefits of Boarding with Groomers or Vets

  • Familiar Environment: Pets are often more comfortable staying in an environment they already know.
  • Immediate Medical Attention: In case of any health issues, veterinary clinics can provide immediate care.
  • Professional Care: Staff is usually trained and experienced in handling pets, and providing high-quality care.

6. Taking Your Pet Along β€” What to Do

If all else fails, the only option you may have is to take your pet along. In such a case, keep in mind the following:

Flying with Your Pet

It is crucial to understand the regulations and requirements for flying with pets. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Airline Policies: Different airlines have varying policies regarding pet travel. Check if the airline allows pets in the cabin or only as cargo.
  • Health Certificates: Most airlines and destinations require a health certificate from a vet. So, make sure your pet gets all the required vaccinations.
  • Pet Carriers: Invest in an airline-approved pet carrier. It should be comfortable, well-ventilated, and secure.
  • Booking in Advance: Pet travel bookings should be made well in advance, as airlines have limited space for pets.
  • Travel Duration and Comfort: Consider the length of the flight and how your pet will cope. Some pets may experience stress or anxiety during travel.

Tips for a Smooth Journey

  • Before traveling, have a vet check-up to ensure your pet is fit to fly.
  • Get your pet used to its carrier by having them spend time in it before the trip.
  • Bring along food, water, toys, and any medication your pet might need.
  • Pets can sense your anxiety, so try to stay calm to help your pet feel more secure.

Joining online communities is a great way to connect with a network of fellow pet owners in Dubai, offering a wealth of shared experiences and valuable recommendations. Facebook groups such as Dogs in Dubai or Downtown Dubai Pet Community can help you stay informed about the best boarding options and available discounts. These groups are also excellent platforms to find pet sitters and ask for advice from fellow pet owners.

Benefits of Online Communities

  • Real-time Reviews and Recommendations: Get honest feedback from other pet owners who have used boarding services in Dubai.
  • Access to Exclusive Offers: Some pet boarding facilities share special promotions and discounts within these groups.
  • Networking Opportunities: Build a network of pet owners who can provide pet-sitting services or share their experiences.


Finding the right boarding option for your pet requires some thorough research and planning. Living in Dubai, you can find numerous options for your dog, cat or any other pet you might own. Whether you choose a luxury pet hotel, a standard boarding facility, or a trusted pet sitter in Dubai, prioritize your pet’s comfort when you are away. With the right arrangements, both you and your pet can enjoy a stress-free summer vacation when you are traveling out of Dubai.

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