How to Get Your Toddler to Cooperate During a Photo Session in Dubai

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Taking professional photos of your children when they are at their cutest stage in life is every parent’s dream. Who wouldn’t like to hang a big framed portrait of their baby or their complete family in the living room for everyone to see? The process seems easy enough. All you need to do is look for a professional photographer in Dubai, get your kids dressed, and finally, get your kids to cooperate. A parent of a toddler reading this right now might’ve cringed at the last part of the previous sentence. Don’t worry though! ServiceMarket has put together some tips for you to get your toddler to cooperate during a photoshoot.

The art of distraction

One of the best things you can do to get your toddlers to cooperate during a fun family photoshoot is to distract them from what they are doing and divert their attention towards the camera. Just think of all the ways you distract your kids at home. You could tell them a story, make faces, and dance around. If you’re still unable to stop them from running around during the photo session, then as a last resort you can even turn on the TV or a tablet to a funny show that your child enjoys. This way they can watch and laugh while their pictures are taken.

Give them a break

All parents know that kids, especially toddlers, get restless very quickly. Even half an hour of an activity might tire and stress your kid out. A photoshoot session where they have to sit still for a long time would definitely make you children cranky. Try to give them lots of breaks during the photo session so that they don’t burn out and throw a tantrum. You can give them snacks or something to drink, and let them run around and play for a while.

Get them involved

Kids don’t like being told what to do, but love taking part in things. So be sure to make them feel like they are a part of what is going on. During the photo session, ask the photographer to show your toddler each picture after it is taken. Talk to your kids about the process and let them know how important their part in it is. Let them choose how they want to pose in some of the pictures and pick any props they like.

Timing is key

Each parent knows their toddler’s schedule. You know when they are most awake, grumpy, sleepy, or happy. Set up the appointment with a photographer in Dubai for a time when your kids are most likely to be alert and happy. This will make the photo session smoother.

Choose a professional photographer

While you have a big role to play when your kids are being photographed, it is actually the photographer’s job to get the picture right. It is important that you don’t just hire any photographer, but look for somebody who specializes in children’s photography. Children’s photographers in Dubai have lots of tricks up their sleeves and are aware of the methods needed to get the right pictures.

Keep it comfortable

You must make your kids comfortable at all times. Don’t overdress them because photo studios can also get pretty hot due to the lighting. Moreover, do not place your kids in an uncomfortable environment. Consider open, brightly lit and colorful areas. Lastly, don’t have too many people around, especially if your toddler is shy.

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