Things to Ask Before Hiring a Mattress Cleaning Company in Dubai

Mattress Cleaning Company in Dubai

With all the hustle and bustle of life, often some important things such as the mattress on your bed are overlooked. Like anything in your home, a mattress is as prone to dust, dirt, dust mites and bed bugs and there are numerous benefits to having your mattress cleaned by a professional mattress cleaning company. A clean mattress can last longer, can prevent pest infestations and help keep you and your family healthy by removing bed bugs and dust particles.

The experts at ServiceMarket have answered all our questions about how to hire the best mattress cleaning companies in Dubai.

Frequency of cleaning

Considering what lives in your mattress, especially in a warm and humid environment like Dubai, you need to have your mattress cleaned at least every six months, and, at most every season. In the hot summer months in the UAE, people sweat profusely and this, combined with the oils secreted by your body and the skin that you flake on a daily basis, makes for a very unpleasant cocktail in your mattress that is best cleaned regularly.

Check for experience

An experienced, professional cleaning company in Dubai should be able to tell you about their process in detail, know exactly how long it will take all in all and give you details about the equipment and materials that they use to achieve their results. They should also have a plethora of customer reviews online, so you can have the peace of mind that they are the type of reputable cleaning company you are looking for.

Research the different methods

Always be sure to ask what methods the cleaning company uses. A good mattress cleaning company in Dubai should be able to give you two options: steam cleaning and shampoo cleaning, and comprehensively list the benefits and drawbacks of each allowing you to make a fully informed decision.

Understand the cleaning process

An experienced mattress cleaning company should employ at least some of the following process, as this is fairly standard in mattress cleaning:

– They should pre-vacuum the mattress, making use of a HEPA filter (a specialized filter with the purpose of capturing very fine particles). Β 

– The next step is often applying a dry-cleaning solution that breaks down body sweats and oils and allows those to be easily absorbed and removed from the fibers of your mattress.

– The cleaning services company should also offer you a solution that kills dust mites, bed bugs, mold, germs, bacteria and also repels them for at least 6 months. This can be administered through steam cleaning or applied directly to your mattress.

– Often an experienced mattress cleaning company will use a UV light treatment to kill many of the dust mites living in your mattress and this should prevent them from coming back for a few months at the very least.

The entire process shouldn’t take more than a few hours from the pre-clean to the drying.

Ask about guarantee of service

The mattress cleaning service administered by the cleaning company should last a minimum of 6 months before dust mites return and there is a fair about of particle build-up again. The company should have an appropriate trade license to prove that they have the expertise and correct equipment to allow them to make such a guarantee and their license is also proof that they can be held to that guarantee.

Collect quotes

Find out what exactly they do to clean your mattress, what materials they use (eco-friendly, organic materials are the best option as you make use of your mattress daily and you don’t want dangerous chemicals coming into direct contact with your body) and then compare the cleaning company quotes with the services they have offered and customer reviews that are available online.

You have seen that there are a great many benefits to having your mattress cleaned bi-yearly, but finding a reputable cleaning service company in Dubai can be tricky. Remember to always check for things like experience, how well they can answer your questions about the mattress cleaning process and what kind of materials they use. Following up with customer reviews and comparing the quotes with services offered by different companies is the best way to ensure that you find the best mattress cleaning service in Dubai for you. ServiceMarket is a great platform for comparing quotes from various cleaning services in Dubai.

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