Questions to Ask Relocation Companies About a Move to Australia

Moving to Australia from Dubai

Odds are this is the first time you’re making an international move from Dubai to Australia. The whole international relocation process it quite stressful, but moving to a country that has very different laws and regulations is even more difficult. You need to always ask for clarification and be specific that you are asking these questions in regards to a move to Australia. Asking simple questions as what can and cannot be shipped to Australia might save you a lot of money. ServiceMarket provides you with the best international relocation companies in Dubai who will answer all your questions and your move to Australia.

What cannot be shipped?

Australia has some very strict regulations regarding what can be brought in the country. Many animals, plants, any foreign soil, and much more will not be allowed into Australia by the AQIS. It is very important to know what can and cannot be shipped before you include it in your shipment. The entire shipment will be inspected thoroughly upon arrival to Australia. If any items are prohibited or even have trace of prohibited items, such as foreign soil, they will be quarantined. AQIS will give you the option of having the itemed cleaned at a very high price or destroyed for a fee as well.

How long will the entire process take?

The relocation company will give you an estimate for the shipping process time. However, it is also important to know how long it will take for your shipment to go through customs and be approved by AQIS. Going through customs may take hours or even days so its important to have an estimate so you can schedule yourself accordingly.

Who is handling the other side?

While you may have researched the international relocation company in Dubai, you’ve probably never even heard of their moving partners in Australia. Just like you read customer reviews and asked for credentials from the international movers in Dubai, you should do the same for the movers in Australia. Ask your international movers in Dubai about their partners and do your due diligence.

Is there insurance? How much does it cover?

The trip to Australia from Dubai, whether by air or sea, is a long one. Your belongings are precious to you and you are paying a lot of money to have them moved so you should be sure that they will get there safe, and if not, at least get compensation for the damage. Insurance is a must-have when it comes to international moving. However, insurance is not always included in the price. You need to ask your international movers about the insurance plans they offer and what exactly it covers. Ask if this insurance covers fragile and very expensive items. Most importantly, you need to ask how much the insurance costs. Never assume whether or not insurance is included and always ask for clarification.

Remember that the best way to minimize stress and mistakes during the moving process is to plan for everything ahead of time. Once you decide to move, it would be a good idea to write down a few questions you have on your mind including the ones above. Find answers to all your moving questions with the best international movers in Dubai on ServiceMarket.Β 

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