Questions to Ask a Storage Company in Abu Dhabi

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If you have an excess of items around your home in Abu Dhabi, or you’re temporarily moving somewhere, keeping some of your belongings safe in a unit for storage in Abu Dhabi makes sense. Just make sure the company you choose is qualified and equipped to handle storing your possessions. 

If you have decided to book a storage company in Abu Dhabi ServiceMarket has put together a few questions that you should ask the storage facility before finalizing your contract.

Questions to Ask Before Renting a Unit for Storage in Abu Dhabi

Are There Fire Alarms in Each of the Units?

You want your belongings to be as safe as possible in the storage facility so it makes sense to ask about fire safety. If they do have fire alarms in each of the self-storage units, ask whether they have a sprinkler system that turns on if there is a fire. You have to make sure there are safety measures in place in case of a fire incident. Ask the storage company what other features they have to determine if they do everything in their power to make safety a priority.

How Much Does the Unit Cost to Rent?

There is no point in renting a storage unit that doesn’t suit your budget. The great thing about ServiceMarket is that it brings you quotes from several storage companies in Abu Dhabi free of charge.

What Kind of Contract Is Available?

Month to month payment option is usually more favorable, especially if you are not planning to keep things in storage for a long time. Some people use storage facilities when they are shifting homes or going away on a long vacation. In such cases, try to negotiate a contract for exactly the number of months you’ll need the unit. For example, if it’s just for the summer holidays, then three months of storage should suffice.

What Type of Security System Is Available at the Facility?

Ask about alarms, security guards, and surveillance cameras. Security should be around the clock. This is especially important if you’re planning on storing a lot of valuable items. Remember that the higher the level of security, the more expensive the unit might be.

Have There Ever Been Break-ins?

It’s your right to ask and be informed of past incidents of people breaking in or items being stolen from units. However, the company representative might not be entirely honest when you ask such questions. Therefore, it is a good idea to browse the customer reviews of each storage company.

Is It Easy to Access the Unit?

What are the opening and closing times of the storage facility? Do you need to make an appointment to access your unit? Do you need to be escorted by a security guard? You don’t want to find out later that you can only access the storage unit during the day when you only have time to visit the facility after 6 p.m.

Where Is the Location of the Facility?

You might want to look for something near your home so you can access it whenever you want. However, this might be more expensive depending on where you live. If you do not need to access your items frequently, a facility that is located further away from the city center might be the way to go.

How Will You Be Compensated If Your Items Get Damaged or Stolen?

Since you are storing precious belongings in the unit, you must ask about insurance coverage. Do you need to provide your own insurance plan when storing at a certain facility? Insurance is a key element in these types of services so don’t neglect to find a policy that will cover all the possessions you want to keep at the facility. Replacing or repairing certain items, such as pieces of furniture, could set you back financially in the long run. So invest today and be thankful later on.

What Can and Can Not Be Kept in a Storage Unit?

Not everything you own will be allowed in a unit. You need to read the fine print of the contract the facility sends over to make sure you’re abiding by their rules and regulations.


When you hire a storage company in Abu Dhabi, don’t hesitate to ask these questions and gather customer references. Renting a unit for storage in Abu Dhabi is supposed to ease you, not add to your list of worries and concerns. Go to ServiceMarket to get quotes, read reviews, and then decide on a company that you are most comfortable with.

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