Termite Control: 10 Questions to Ask When Booking Pest Control Services in Dubai

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Having termites around your Dubai home is a huge inconvenience. If you don’t hire a pest control company to deal with a termite infestation, it can cause a lot of damage to your home. Unlike ants, termite infestations are a lot harder to remove by yourself. Hiring a professional to do the job will ensure an end to the termite infestation in your home. However, since termite pest control is so difficult to deal with, ServiceMarket has compiled a list of questions you should definitely ask pest control companies in Dubai.

Is it safe to have children and pets in the home while you work?

Make sure to ask about all the safety concerns that you have regarding the chemicals used during the process. You need to know what precautions to take to keep you and your family safe during a pest control session.

How long will it be until I see results?

Ask the pest control professional how long it will be before the termites are killed off. This way, you can keep an eye out for any changes and contact the service provider if the problem persists.

What happens if the problem continues?

You need to know if there is a guarantee for the service. Some pest control companies will make sure to get rid of the issue for you whereas others will only do the job once with no follow up.

How many treatments are required?

Your termite issue might require more than one treatment and you should know this ahead of time to schedule each visit appropriately.

Is the pest control company licensed and insured?

This question is very important because you want to deal with a fumigation company that knows what they are doing, has a license from the Dubai Muncipality and can insure any damages to your home.

How long do you train your employees and how long have you been open?

The level of experience a company and an employee of the company has can be a good indicator for how well the pest control service will be carried out.

Will there be consultation and is it free?

Getting a home visit or consultation for pest control services in your Dubai home will make your decision on which pest control company to use much easier.

Will there be a written contract detailing the service and guarantees?

Make sure to have something in writing that guarantees the work being done well and on schedule and breaks down payments clearly so that there are no surprises.

How can I prevent future termite infestations?

Ask the pest control professional what you can do in the future to prevent the issue before it arises. Here are some common reasons for a termite infestation.

You can find the best pest control services in Dubai on ServiceMarket. Be sure to read customer reviews and comparison shop the companies before you make your decision. If you are curious about the pests that have invaded your home, here are some fascinating facts on termites for you to read.

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