5 Red Flags to Watch Out for When Renting a Storage Unit in Doha

Storage Unit in Doha

Renting a storage unit in Doha is a great way to keep your belongings safe when you are moving or don’t have enough space to store them at home. From temperature-controlled units to self-storage units, there are many options you can choose from. But before you rent one, make sure it’s suitable and safe. The experts at ServiceMarket have put together a list of ten red flags you should watch out for when renting storage units in Doha.

Signs of water damage

When you visit your potential storage facility, one of the main things you should watch out for is water damage in or around the units. If water damage is present in any part of the storage facility, it means that dampness can reach your unit as well and damage your belongings. Make sure your storage unit is dry and there’s no mold on the floor and walls.

 Mice, rats, termites and other pests

While inspecting the storage facility keep an eye open for pest infestations. Signs of a pest infestation can include things such as droppings, hair and dead bodies of the pests. Any pests, especially mice and rats, can severely damage your belongings by chewing them up. What’s more, termites can damage your wooden items. If you notice any signs of a pest infestation, consider another storage unit.

Lack of security

Making sure that your belongings are stored in a secure facility is extremely important, especially if they are very valuable to you. This is why you should ask questions about security precautions when you are in the process of shortlisting storage facilities in Doha. Lack of security could mean that there are not enough cameras or security guards to cover the entire facility. 

You don’t get to see the self-storage unit first

Before you sign any documents to rent a self-storage unit in Doha you should physically see and inspect the unit. Professional self-storage facilities in Doha will take you to see the unit where your belongings will be kept so that you can inspect it and have peace of mind. If they don’t offer to show you the unit before you sign the papers, take it as a huge red flag. There is no reason not to show the storage unit first unless something is wrong. 

Negative or no customer reviews

In today’s digital world almost every business has an online presence, even if it’s just in the form of a Google review. Online reviews tell a lot about a company and if most reviews for a storage facility are negative, you should avoid it. If there are no reviews about the business even though it has been operating for a while that could also be an issue. You can find vetted storage facilities with customer reviews on ServiceMarket. 

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