Moving From Dubai to London? Do These 7 Things First

Moving From Dubai to London

Whether you’re relocating from Dubai to London because it’s your home country or for a new job, it can be an overwhelming and stressful experience. But you can make it easier and hassle-free by taking some simple steps. The experts at ServiceMarket have put together a list of things that you should add to your relocation checklist.

Sort out your paperwork

First things first, if you need a visa to travel to the UK, then get it sorted as soon as possible because it can be a lengthy process. You can find more information about it on You should also consider all the other documents you would need. For example, an experience letter from your current employer and educational transcripts. You might even need to get some of the documents attested.

Get travel insurance

You may not be immediately eligible for free medical care through the National Health Service (NHS) as a new arrival, so consider signing up for a comprehensive travel insurance plan. It’s always a good idea to also remain covered during transit. Check whether your travel insurance includes medical and dental care, transportation to medical facilities, trip interruption and cancellation, accidental death or dismemberment, as well as loss of luggage and other personal possessions.   

Hire the right international movers in Dubai

One of the easiest steps you can take to make the process of relocating from Dubai to the United Kingdom smoother is to hire the right international movers and packers. Be sure to get free quotes from multiple companies and compare them in terms of the cost as well as the services they are offering. Hiring an FIDI-accredited company is the surest way to avoid delays, losses, damages, and hassles.

Only pack the necessary items

Once you’ve selected an international mover, they will send someone to your home to survey the belongings and send you a quote based on it. The more items you ship, the more it will cost you to do so, which means that you should consider selling, donating or discarding all the unnecessary ones before relocating.

Book a flight as early as possible

Not only is it important to do so to make sure you can pick the most suitable date and time, but it can also help you save a significant amount of money. You’d be surprised by how much money you can save by booking early.

Check the notice period and notify

Did you know you can lose some or all of your security deposit if you don’t inform your landlord as per the notice period specified in the tenancy contract? Others you may need to notify include your employer, children’s schools, bank as well as utility and service providers.

Hire cleaning services in London

It’s a good idea to consider hiring cleaning services in London to ensure your new home is in top condition when you arrive.

Reach out to your contacts in London

It will be easier for you to feel at home after moving to London if you’re in touch with some people who live near your new home. So, besides making a general announcement on social media about relocating, get in touch with friends there. Some of your friends and relatives might also be able to introduce you to some people who live in the neighborhood.

You can easily find the right FIDI-accredited international movers and packers in Dubai through ServiceMarket, which has made comparison shopping easier than ever before to help you make an informed decision.

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