Secrets to Better Driving

Protect yourself with better driving and car insurance

Many people think that they are great drivers, but a smart person would know that there is always room for improvement. Whether you have been driving for years or recently got your license, it is always a good idea to brush up on your knowledge and improve your driving skills. ServiceMarket brings you 9 secrets (some really obvious ones!) to better driving. As you get behind the wheel, remember them and help make the roads of the UAE safer.

Protect yourself with better driving and car insurance

Take a defensive driving course

These courses are designed to make you a safer and more responsible driver. They can also reduce your Dubai car insurance premiums. The biggest reason you need to take a defensive driving course is to respond effectively when the five cars in front of you are about to get intimately acquainted with each other. Most defensive driving courses are also specifically designed for the driving environment of the country they are offered in so such a course will make you a better driver in the UAE.

Hands at 9 and 3 o’clock

Besides being more ergonomically comfortable, and therefore, allowing you to drive for longer periods in a relaxed posture, the recommended 9 and 3 o’clock position for your hands while steering, gives you more stability and control over your vehicle.

Overlap the view

The proper use of side view mirrors is to cover the car’s blind spots. That means that the viewing angle of a side view mirror should slightly overlap that of the rear view mirror. This might be disorienting for drivers who are used to seeing part of their car in their side view mirror, but it will help you avoid having blind spots or the need to look over your shoulder when you change lanes.

Understand what speed limit is

A speed limit is not the target speed you should be driving at, rather, it is the maximum speed you can drive at. And while it might be perfectly safe to drive at the speed limit when the weather conditions and the sun position is ideal, a good driver knows when to adjust their speed. Bad weather conditions call for low acceleration as does the sun’s glare when its set low in the sky.

Drive predictably

You are driving a 1500 kilogram missile, alongside other such missiles. You don’t want to break abruptly or accelerate sharply. Besides, doing so also wastes fuel. When you are on the road, you are part of the system, so don’t drive like you are trying to fight the system. Other drivers need to know what you are about to do to avoid a car accident. Don’t assume that they are in your head.

Don’t be overconfident

Driver error is a huge factor in road accidents. Don’t think that you can’t make that error. Understand that you can and it could cost someone their life. Being extra vigilant is better than being overconfident while driving. Also, getting comprehensive cover from your car insurance company in Dubai is a better idea than just sticking to TPL cover.

Follow the two second rule

When the car in front of you passes a specific spot, such as a road sign, start to count β€˜one thousand and one, one thousand and two’. If your car passes the same point before you are finished saying this, you are tail-gating. If this is the case, increase the gap between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you to give yourself enough time to react to the antics of a poor driver.

Minimize distractions

Give your kids a book to read. Set up a playlist so you won’t have to pick songs while driving. Put away your cell phone. Ask your friends not to talk to you too much as you drive. Paying attention is key to being a better driver and you won’t be able to do it if you are constantly being distracted.

Don’t bother speeding

Of the 523 road accidents recorded in the UAE in 2017, almost half were due to speeding. Yet speeding doesn’t get you to your destination faster. Any minimal time you gain speeding is lost at traffic signals and in congested traffic. So don’t bother speeding, unless you like being heavily fined by the traffic police or getting into road accidents.

While you might be a good driver, there is no guarantee that other drivers who share road real estate with you will drive safely, so make sure that you are covered for all eventualities. ServiceMarket partners with car insurance companies in Dubai to bring you free car insurance quotes. Also, keep this list of handy websites with you to help you with your car troubles.

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