ServiceMarket Revolutionizes Home Services with Smiles Points Integration

Smiles Points on ServiceMarket

ServiceMarket, your one-stop digital marketplace for home services in the UAE, has announced the integration of Smiles Points as both a Loyalty Scheme and Payment method within its app. This integration will allow ServiceMarket customers to not only earn Smiles Points with every booking but also utilize these points to pay for their desired services.

It has been almost a year since e& acquired ServiceMarket back in 2023. Ever since, ServiceMarket has not only used its technology to provide its services on the Smiles app but now is also giving its customers a chance to earn rewards against their bookings. Through a plethora of offers and discounts, both Smiles and ServiceMarket aim to ensure maximum benefits for their loyal users when booking through ServiceMarket or Smiles.

What Is the Smiles App?

Launched by Etisalat in 2017, the Smiles app has evolved into a Super App catering to the diverse digital needs of UAE residents, offering discounts and deals on a wide range of categories including dining, groceries, food delivery, movies, shopping, and now, home services powered by ServiceMarket.

What Are Smiles Points?

Smiles Points serve as a loyalty currency within the Smiles app, allowing users to earn points with every purchase and utilize them to pay for services. This loyalty scheme now extends to ServiceMarket, enabling users to earn and spend Smiles Points on their home services bookings.

Earning Smiles Points on ServiceMarket:

ServiceMarket offers a comprehensive range of services where users can accrue Smiles Points, including:

  • Cleaning
  • Handyman and Maintenance
  • Beauty at Home
  • Moving and Storage
  • Healthcare at Home
  • Pest Control
  • Laundry and Dry Cleaning

Streamlining the Home Service Experience:

The integration between ServiceMarket and the e& Smiles super app represents a significant milestone in enhancing the home service experience for UAE users. By incentivizing bookings through Smiles Points, users can now seamlessly access and pay for services without hesitation, ensuring a hassle-free and rewarding journey.

Moreover, this collaboration not only simplifies the process of accessing home services but also offers users the opportunity to enjoy discounts on various other services like food delivery, groceries, dine-in, and more through Smiles Points. Every transaction becomes a rewarding experience, embodying the future of home services where convenience meets rewards at every turn.

In conclusion, ServiceMarket’s integration of Smiles Points marks a paradigm shift in the home services industry, redefining how users engage with and benefit from services apps. As the partnership between ServiceMarket and the e& Smiles app continues to flourish, users can expect unparalleled convenience and rewards in their home service transactions, setting a new standard for the industry.

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