Home TV & Internet – Did You Know You Now Have the Freedom to Choose Between Etisalat and Du?

Even though Dubai and other emirate residents have had the option to switch their internet and fixed-line provider since 2015, many people still don’t know that they now have this freedom.  We often just assume that only one company (whether Etisalat or Du) can offer internet connectivity in our building or community.  Well, that’s no longer the case! We’ve had the complete freedom to choose since 2015 when the TRA (Telecom Regulatory Agency) approved the network sharing agreement, opening up every area in Dubai to both Etisalat and Du. If you don’t want to read the full article, you can already change providers here.

Here’s everything you need to know about this new freedom and how you and your family can benefit from it.

Network sharing demystified

Network sharing now allows customers to sign up for high-speed internet services from multiple providers instead of being restricted to just one. It involves the installation of a high-speed access point at the customer’s home or office, which the customer can then use to get services like super-fast internet from any provider. It also opens competition in the fixed-line telecommunications services and broadband market. Since Etisalat and Du signed the network sharing deal in 2015, residents living in Dubai can freely choose between the two providers.  

It’s a really big deal in Dubai

Before this deal, Etisalat and Du could only offer their broadband and fixed-line services to certain areas in Dubai. People living in some areas of Dubai could not sign up for Etisalat’s services. If your building only offered Du, then you have no option but to only use its services. However, now you can easily switch to Etisalat wherever you are in the region. Not only will the greater choice that comes with network sharing make high-speed services more affordable for many customers, but they can also make sure the services they sign up for match their exact needs and lifestyle.

Are you in a Du area? Switching to Etisalat is now possible, and saves you cash!

Etisalat is now offering 2 months of free internet subscription to anyone who switches to Etisalat. This offer is only available for a limited time so be sure to switch now. Some of the other advantages of signing up for Etisalat’s services include:

  • You can save a lot of money by comparing packages and picking the most suitable ones. For example, if you spend a lot of money on international calls, then you can pick an Etisalat package that includes their Unlimited IDD package offering unlimited free international calls to a choice of over 42 countries for only 150 AED per month.
  • You’ll have an abundance of options and packages, which means that you can customize your broadband and fixed-line services.
  • Some of the unique features of Etisalat’s eLife Lite service for du customers include free Wi-Fi managed router meaning the majority of internet issues can be fixed immediately and therefore not having to wait for a technician visit and free wireless phone allowing customers to utilise the free local and national calls including in the bundle

Migration is a quick and easy process

Contrary to what you might think, switching providers is a surprisingly simple process. Just request at the time of purchase that your service be switched from du to Etisalat and the process will be managed for you. To sign up you will need;

  • Your Emirates ID/passport and visa
  • A copy of your ownership title deed or Ejari (tenancy contract) if you live in a rented house
  • A copy of your bill in case you were previously using Du

You also have the option to call Etisalat on 800101 or visit one of their business centers. They’ll inform you about the progress of your application via SMS and email at every step.

Switch to Etisalat now!

Switch to Etisalat to get two months of internet for free!

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