Smiles Points and Everything You Need to Know About This Loyalty Program

Smiles Points ServiceMarket

In a bid to enhance user experience and offer more value, ServiceMarket recently integrated the Smiles Loyalty Program into its app such that you can earn and redeem Smiles points on your ServiceMarket bookings, provided you have signed in to your Smiles account on ServiceMarket. To address the inquiries and provide details on this Loyalty Program, we’ve compiled a list of commonly asked questions for our esteemed customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Smiles?

Smiles is a super app designed by e& to cater to the diverse needs of UAE residents. From essential Home Services to Grocery Shopping, Food Delivery, and Dine-in offers Smiles serves as a comprehensive platform offering a plethora of services tailored to enhance everyday living experiences.

2. What are Smiles Points?

Smiles Points are part of a Loyalty Scheme by Smiles. Whenever users make bookings through the Smiles app, they accrue reward points known as Smiles points. These points serve as a token of appreciation from Smiles for engaging with their platform.

3. Are there any fees and charges for signing in to Smiles?

Signing in to Smiles on ServiceMarket is completely free of charge. Users can effortlessly navigate to the Smiles banner on the ServiceMarket homepage within the app and sign in without incurring any additional fees or charges.

4. Can I get a Free service with my Smiles points?

Yes, users can redeem their accumulated Smiles points to avail Free services, provided they have accumulated a sufficient number of points to cover the cost of the desired service.

5. How do I earn Smiles points?

Earning Smiles points is straightforward – every purchase made through the Smiles or ServiceMarket platforms contributes to the accumulation of these reward points.

6. How are Smile points calculated?

1 Smiles point is equivalent to 1 AED. You will get 1 Smiles point for every 1 AED you spend on Smiles or ServiceMarket.

7. How do I claim my Smile points?

At checkout, users are presented with the option of utilizing their Smiles points as a payment method. By selecting this option, the final checkout amount is automatically adjusted based on the number of Smiles points available in the user’s account.

8. Do I need to download the Smiles app to earn Smiles points?

No, downloading the Smiles app is not a prerequisite for earning Smiles points on ServiceMarket. Users can conveniently sign in to their Smiles account directly from the ServiceMarket homepage within the app.

9. How and where can I use Smiles points?

Smiles points can be utilized across all bookings made on both ServiceMarket and the Smiles app, offering users the flexibility to leverage their accumulated points across a diverse range of services and offerings.

With the ability to earn and redeem Smiles points seamlessly across a wide array of services, users can now enjoy greater flexibility and rewards for their engagements with the Smiles ecosystem. Whether it is availing essential home services, stocking up on groceries, indulging in delightful food deliveries, or exploring exclusive dine-in offers, Smiles continues to empower users with a rewarding and comprehensive platform for everyday living.

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