The Best Time to Move from Dubai to Lebanon: Weather, Cost, and Other Factors to Consider

Move from Dubai to Lebanon

Whether you want to move to Lebanon from Dubai temporarily or permanently, knowing things like the country’s weather, cost, and culture is important. It will help you decide when you should move. So before you hire international movers for your Dubai to Lebanon move, make sure to know what to expect when you arrive in Lebanon. 

From weather patterns to financial implications, understanding the best time to move from Dubai to Lebanon can significantly impact your experience in your new home. In this article, we delve into the critical factors to consider when planning a move from the vibrant desert metropolis of Dubai to the culturally rich and historically significant country of Lebanon.Β 

Weather in Lebanon

In Dubai, the temperature is generally warm throughout the year and gets extremely hot during the summer. In other words, you will always need a functioning air conditioner. But Lebanon allows you to experience all four seasons. Here is what to expect: 

Spring (March to May)

Spring in Lebanon is pleasant and mild, with temperatures ranging between 15 Β°C to 25 Β°C (59 Β°F to 76 Β°F). Blooming flowers and lush green grass make these months pleasant for outdoor activities, including walks in parks. These are ideal for families with small kids.

Summer (June to August)

Summer in Lebanon is hot and humid. Depending on where you move in the country, you can experience temperature ranges of 30 Β°C to 35 Β°C (86 Β°F to 95 Β°F), or higher. People usually do not prefer summers to take on the arduous task of moving.

Autumn (September to November)

Lebanon’s autumn seasons have a pleasant temperature, much like that of the spring. If you love pleasant climates, spring and autumn can be the best time to move there.

Winter (December to February)

The Mediterranean-type climate of the country experiences cold and rainy winters. The temperatures can drop to 5 Β°C, with the highest going to just 10 Β°C (41 Β°F to 50 Β°F). So, you may want to pack some sweaters and jackets with you if you plan to move during these months. Bring snow boots, especially if you are moving somewhere near high altitudes, as you may experience snowfall there. 

Costs to Consider

Another significant concern for many people planning to move is the cost. In addition to the costs related to the actual move such as for moving your belongings and buying airline tickets, you should be aware of the cost of living in Lebanon. 

Note that the quicker you want to get things done while shipping your belongings, the more costly it will be.  

The following expenses must be taken into consideration: 

Moving Expense 

The process of moving to Lebanon includes several expenses. You have the option of moving your belongings via air, sea, or road. Sea shipping can take up to 14 days for port-to-port delivery, which is the slowest. But it is also the most budget-friendly. 

You get multiple options with sea shipping such as renting a whole container, sharing, and groupage wherein the belongings of a group of people are packed in the same container. It is the most affordable option when you opt for sea shipping. 

To minimize breakage, it is highly advisable to hire expert packers. Usually, the service is also included by movers or charged as an add-on. It is another expense to include in your moving budget.

Airline Tickets

You can go to Lebanon via road or by air. It is a 27-hour drive, so it is better to book a flight instead. Booking airline tickets in advance can help you save on traveling expenses. You can find some good deals on online booking platforms. 

Other Expenses

Other expenses you should be prepared for are customs duties on your belongings, visa fees, storage rent (if you have to rent a storage facility), transportation charges (for moving your belongings from port to your doorstep), and various others. Asking someone who moved to Lebanon recently can be quite useful. 

Living Expenses

Ask your friends or colleagues who have settled in Lebanon about the cost of living before moving. Rents of properties, fees for utility services, school fees, and prices of general commodities are some of the expenses that must be factored in. 

Culture and Life in Lebanon 

Dubai and Lebanon offer completely different experiences. One of the best things about the prospect of moving to Lebanon is the country’s vibrant and exciting culture. The food, festivals, hospitality, and fashion are a few things to look forward to. Also, Lebanon’s capital, Beirut, has a blooming tech space with many startups emerging every year. The culture makes the country an amazing place to live in with your loved ones. 


In conclusion, the decision to move from Dubai to Lebanon is not one to be taken lightly. By carefully weighing the factors discussed in this article and conducting thorough research, individuals and families can make informed decisions about the timing of their relocation. Whether seeking milder climates, lower costs of living, or new cultural experiences, understanding the best time to make this transition can contribute significantly to a successful and fulfilling move from Dubai to Lebanon.

Now that you have all the answers to your questions about Lebanon, you can make a decision. To make your move smooth, hire international movers for moving from Dubai to Lebanon with ServiceMarket at the best prices. You can compare multiple quotes and then opt for the most suitable option.Β Β 

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