How to Take Photos at a Big Event in the UAE

A lot of planning goes into taking photos at big events like alumni reunions and anniversaries. As the host, you’ll want to make sure that the photographer doesn’t miss any memorable moment. You should keep several factors in mind to ensure that all aspects of the event are covered. The experts at ServiceMarket have shortlisted the most important things you need to consider:  

Make a list of VIPs:

Make sure the photographer can identify all the important guests at the event so that he or she doesn’t miss anyone important to you. Doing so will make it easier for the photographer to give more attention to the VIPs and close family members of the host. This list can also be used to ask the guests to stand together for group and family photos.

Consider lighting:

Whether the event is being hosted at an outdoor venue or in a hall, your photographer needs to ensure that there is enough light to capture good photographs. Some indoor venues or evening events often don’t have sufficient light, in which case the photographer should make the necessary arrangements to bring the right equipment such as umbrella flash lights, handheld lights, etc in advance.

Include the decorations:

A lot of time and effort goes into decorating the venue at big events. From floral decorations on the stage to the fancy lights at the entrance, there are multiple things that the host might want to cover in the photos. Make a list of things that should be captured and instruct the photographer accordingly. 

Engage people:

Many amateur photographers make the mistake of just taking random shots of guests while they are not looking at the camera. While some candid shots should certainly be taken, the photographer should also capture some photos in which people are looking and smiling at the camera. If you want some group photos, let your photographer know in advance so that they can request your guests to pose together.

Make a fun photo booth:

If you have a big event, you might want to create a photo booth or photo corner. This can make for some very fun photos and is a good way to entertain guests. You can consider setting up a fun background and put together a table of props such as big glasses, mustaches and funny hats. You could even consider sending some of these photos to your guests after the event, or putting together a book of memories using them.

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