5 Tips to Create the Perfect Family Photo in Dubai

Family photography in Dubai

Good family photos have become rare in this age of selfies. You can immediately see the difference between photos taken by a professional photographer or at a photo studioΒ in Dubai and the pictures you capture with your mobile phone. You have to consider several factors to make your photos well-composed and memorable. ServiceMarket pros have prepared the following guide to help you create the perfect family photo:

Traditional versus creative:

Some people like traditional family photos, while others prefer funky pictures in which everyone is posing in a funny way. You should consider whether you want the photographer to take a traditional family photo or try something creative. It’s a good idea to look at example photos online and pick out the ones that you really like to share with the photographer for inspiration. You should also ask to see some examples of the photographers work so that you can talk them through what you like and dislike in advance.

Think about what you will use the photos for:

It’s a good idea to plan out how you will use the photos in advance. For instance, if you want a large family photo for your living room wall, then plan for a photo that will match the decor and ambiance of your room.

Prepare your outfits in advance:

There’s nothing worse than scrambling to put together the perfect outfits for your family photo last minute. Plan out your outfits and any props in advance and keep everything aside ready for your photoshoot. This will make the day run much smoother.

Pick a location:

Depending on the type of photo you want, you will need to pick an appropriate location. You can ask the photographer to set up an area for the photoshoot accordingly. For example, you might want to put up a themed background with some decorations. An outdoor setting can also prove to be an excellent place to capture a perfect family photo.

Look at the photos on the day:

Ensure that the photographer is on the right track by asking to view the photographs after the first few shots. Be vocal – if there’s anything you would like to change just let the photographer know. They will appreciate the guidance as they want you to be happy with the photos!

Don’t face the sun:

We often see people squinting in photos because they are directly facing the sun. Even if they manage to keep their eyes open, they are likely to have strained expressions in the photo. If you’re facing the sun then let the photographer know immediately. Either pick a spot with shade or opt for a time when the sun is not too bright.

… and perhaps most importantly, have fun!

The best photos are those which are taken when the family is enjoying themselves, so make the experience a fun one! Get the whole family involved in the planning, and try not to stay in the same positions for too long during the photoshoot. Make your childrenΒ excited about the shoot in advance – let them look through example photos with you and give them some freedom to come up with ideas for the photos.

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