Tips for Hiring the Right Caterer in Abu Dhabi

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You’re hosting a special occasion at your home and need to hire a suitable caterer in Abu Dhabi. After all, you want to serve your guests the best food without breaking the bank. ServiceMarket has compiled a list of tips and tricks to help you hire a good caterer in Abu Dhabi.

Decide a budget

The first thing you need to tackle is the budget for your event. Once you have a estimated the budget for the party and the amount that you want to spend on each guest, it will be much easier to find an Abu Dhabi caterer that can work within your budget.

Schedule a tasting

Check if your caterer is willing to offer a tasting session. It will help you decide which dishes you would like at your event and check if the food the caterer intends to serve is up to standard. Ask them how many people will help with the prep on the day as there is a big difference between a small tasting and a large event. You want to make sure that the food that is served for a big group is as good as the tasting.Β 

Consider the caterer’sΒ specialty

If you are looking for a French themed party, then a caterer who specialises in Italian cuisine may not be the ideal caterer for the job. It is best to ensure that the catering company has chefs who specialise in a number of cuisines so that you may get the best service possible. A catering company may also only provide certain types of services such as casual foods or fine dining so it is best to clarify what the caterer can and can’t do.Β 

Clarify the types of services you need

Can the catering company cook on-site or will they just deliver the food at the venue? Can the catering company help with your set-up or is it something that you will have to do yourself? Will they be able to provide waiters to help you on your big day? Β Some caterers are better at delivering certain services than others, depending on theΒ kind of event you would like. Food cooked on-site will be fresher than delivered food so if you are doing something a bit fancier, then this may be the way to go. Bear in mind, the more services you need the higher the cost will be, so be mindful of your budget.

Ask for references

Make sure you read customer reviews of each caterer and ask friends and family for their personal recommendations and experiences. Once you have narrowed down the catering companies you think you may like to work with, ask them for referrals. The catering company in Abu Dhabi should be happy to hand over a list of references. If they are reluctant, then this should be a red flag. Consider reading customer reviews on ServiceMarket.Β 

Ask about the freshness of the food they use

The fresher the food, the better the quality. Caterers who use frozen products have been known to charge the same price as caterers who use fresh produce. Frozen food will not be as tasty and the overall quality may not be as good. Opting for fresher food may be slightly bit pricier, but the quality will be worth it.

Ask for a comprehensive breakdown of the quoteΒ 

A breakdown should show the cost of food, drinks, labour and each service. This will help you compare quotes before you choose a caterer in Abu Dhabi. Make sure each quote covers the same amount of people and the types of food you wish to serve so that you can compare quotes accurately. Keep in mind that a cheaper quote may have some hidden costs while a high price doesn’t guarantee quality of service or food.

You can request free quotes from various vetted and reviewedΒ catering companies in Abu DhabiΒ on ServiceMarket.Β 

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