Fridge Isn’t Cold Enough? Fridge Repair Experts in Dubai Reveal Top Reasons

A fridge that doesn’t keep our food cold simply isn’t doing its job, but how can we tell what the problem is and how do we get it fixed properly? Should you consider a professional fridge repair service in Dubai or try to do it yourself? A broken fridge that isn’t working at all is a serious issue you need to fix as soon as possible, but one that simply isn’t cold enough can be more puzzling to figure out. ServiceMarket has prepared this guide to help you understand some of the common fridge problems. 

Check the internal thermostat 

Your first step should be to simply check the internal dial. It’s super easy for this to get knocked when you’re putting in and pulling out food, and it may simply have gotten turned all the way down. Take a look, and see if there’s any change there. If there is, dial it back to cold and give it a few hours before checking the temperature again. 

Your thermostat may be broken 

If changing the temperature manually isn’t doing a thing, it’s likely your fridge’s thermostat is broken. If so, call a fridge repair service in Dubai to take a look for you and see if they can replace the part. 

Your condenser coils may be dusty  

Ever taken a look at the back of your fridge? Condenser coils are metal elements at the bottom. Their purpose is to release any heat that builds up from the fridge’s energy use and keep it cool. It follows that if the condenser coils on your fridge get dusty, they are likely to stop the fridge from dissipating that built up heat, thus rendering it ineffective at cooling. Try pulling out the fridge and giving them a good vacuum, and if you continue to have cooling problems, call a fridge repair service to help. 

Check the door seals 

If your fridge is cold, but not cold enough, check the door seal. If you notice a problem, give it a good clean and try again. If that doesn’t work, you may need to get the door seal replaced. 

Is your fridge too full? 

This may sound silly, but overloading a fridge with food is a common reason why things don’t feel as cold as they should. By making sure your fridge is organised, you’ll be avoiding the issue of overfilling your fridge, and thus increasing the overall temperature and even causing some food to go off. Try reducing and spreading out your food before you panic. 

A broken evaporator fan 

The purpose of the fan motor in your fridge is to circulate air around the fridge compartment, and it’s often located in the freezer compartment. To find out if you’re facing a broken evaporator fan, check if your freezer is at the right temperature when your fridge is not remaining cool. If the freezer is at the right temperature but the fridge isn’t, the evaporator fan motor is probably the issue.

Water is leaking out 

If water is leaking out, it’s likely that the door has been left open and the fridge can’t compete with the outside air – and in worst-case scenarios, the motor may have burned out. Check the door seal as advised above, and listen for the motor. If your fridge is silent, there’s a good chance your motor has burned out. 

Finding that your fridge isn’t working can be a heart-stopping moment, but all will be okay as long as you act quickly. The first step is to book a fridge repair service in Dubai through ServiceMarket. Don’t start pulling things out of the fridge just yet, as the cavity will keep them cool until your repair service arrives – unless they tell you to do otherwise. Once they arrive, they’ll diagnose the problem and get your fridge back up and working as soon as possible. 

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