Looking for Blinds in Dubai? Here’s What You Need to Consider

Blinds in Dubai

The ease of operating and maintaining blinds gives them an edge over some other types of curtains in Dubai. Did you know there are different kinds of blinds each with their own function and aesthetic appeal? So, depending on a combination of what you need your blinds to do (block out the sun, maintain your privacy or both) and the style of the room, you’ll need to do a bit of research to make sure you select the right type of blinds. The experts at ServiceMarket have compiled a list of 3 key things you should consider and take note of:

Ain’t no sunshine…

Some types of blinds are better at controlling or obstructing natural sunlight. When it comes to venetian and vertical blinds, you can easily let in different amounts of light as per your choosing by tinkering with the blades/slats. Or you can draw them completely for a sunlight overdrive. In Dubai, where the sun’s glare can get oppressive, venetian and vertical blinds are the ideal tool for you to master the sunlight in your rooms.

That being said, roman and roller blinds lack the amount of flexibility in controlling light as their segmented counterparts. But they fit perfectly in most personal living spaces because the fabric can be customised. Beautiful designs and patterns can enhance the look of any room, and with heavier, closed-weave, or even thermal fabrics, you can insulate the interior of your home from Dubai’s heat.

Are you in or out?

There are advantages and disadvantages to setting your blinds inside or outside the window frame. For one, blinds within your window frame won’t be able to block the light that’ll escape through the sides, but it can make an awkwardly large window look small. If you want to install them outside the frame then they’ll block sunlight more effectively and also make a small windows look larger. However, they take up significant space and can cut out room for paintings, wall mountings and furniture.

Safety first!

You might want to consider other types of curtains if you have kids or pets because blinds, especially those that use metal blades, can be dangerous. Roller and roman blinds are safer than venetian and vertical blinds.

Choices, choices, choices

Now that you know the points you need to consider, here are the main blind options you have:

Venetian blinds

If you want privacy and like natural sunlight, then venetian blinds are your perfect pick as you can adjust the tilt of its blades so that you can let in some light without giving people a view of your room. These are best suited for office spaces as well as your kitchen. While short kitchen curtains add a dreamier look, blinds are a significantly safer option as the lack of any fabric in their making means there’s negligible likelihood of them accidently catching fire.

Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are like their venetian cousin but (as the name suggests) the slats are oriented vertically. The slats can also be reoriented to control the amount of light that comes into a room. And if you want every ray of sunshine to filter into the interior, then they can be drawn as well. While they’re not as great as venetian blinds in maintaining privacy, they’re the most practical choice for very large windows. That’s why they’re so common in offices and restaurants.

Roman blinds

Unlike venetian blinds, roman blinds are made of fabric and they do not have any slats like vertical blinds. The pleats tuck in when drawn maintaining a very neat look, but roman blinds can take up significant space on the upper end of your window. They make for great living rooms blinds, especially if you have multiple windows. But remember: the bigger the window, the bigger the frame and that means it’ll be more heavier to draw.

Roller blinds

Meet the roman blind’s less bulky cousin: the roller blind. Roller blinds are a lot easier to handle since they lack a heavy wooden or metal frame and require less muscle when drawn. And they also can be rolled to their entire extent, so they don’t obscure the top of the window and block out the sun. But unlike venetian and to some extent vertical blinds, roller blinds can’t preserve privacy if you want to let in some sun, which can be a problem for those who value the former.

If you’re looking for the right blinds for your home or office then ServiceMarket has all that you need. Compare ratings for only the most renowned and vetted curtains and blinds companies in Dubai. You can also request free quotes and consultations from multiple curtain and blinds companies on ServiceMarket!

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