Dubai to Beirut: Understand Your Shipping Options

Shipping from Dubai to Beirut

When it comes to shipping your belongings from Dubai to Beirut, ServiceMarket knows that anyone who wants to make a well-informed decision will have several questions about the shipping services at their disposal. That is why we collaborated with one of our shipping partners, ISS Worldwide Movers, to explain the various shipping options such as route, services, transportation methods available to you for your big move.

Groupage: a cost-effective idea

There is one important term to learn before approaching international movers in Dubai for your move from Dubai to Lebanon, especially if you are on a tight budget. Groupage means that you get to rent out a small space in a large container with several other clients. Therefore, you will be sharing the space and cost of the entire shipping procedure. This cost-effective option is a favorite among individuals who don’t have too many belongings, because it means that they don’t have to spend a lot on shipping and packing up their whole house. It is also a good option to consider if you are thinking of selling, giving away or putting a lot of your belongings in storage in Dubai.

Common vs obscure routes

Once you find qualified international movers in Dubai, they’ll make sure you know all your options when it comes to picking routes. Wherever you are in Dubai, there are designated ports nearby where you can send your belongings which will then be taken to the most convenient port for you in Lebanon. When shipping from Dubai to Lebanon, the common routes typically take up to 14 days, while the more obscure routes take a lot longer. Obscure routes can sometimes be more expensive, since it means the shipping company has to go out of its way to get your stuff to you.

Door-to-door or port-to-port?

Find out what the general cost of shipping door-to-door, door-to-port, or port-to-port from Dubai to Lebanon is before finalizing international movers and packers. Naturally, door-to-door is the most convenient and easiest choice to make, but unfortunately, it is also the priciest. When you pick door-to-port, you can easily find a shipping company in Dubai, but you would need to work when it comes to getting your stuff from the port in Lebanon. While it is a common practice in the US, for example, for people to rent their own trucks and transport their belongings from a port to their new home, it isn’t a common practice in the Middle East. Still, if you are considering it, a good international mover can help you make the decision. Port-to-port is quite a hassle compared to the other two options, so we don’t recommend it at all.

Shipping method

You’re probably wondering how you should transport your belongings: by air, by land, or by sea? The first option is by far the fastest method of transportation available to you. It is also the most expensive method of transportation and the least likely to experience any delays. If you are in a rush and have the money for it, you shouldn’t hesitate to go for this option. Land is probably the safest option to choose since it doesn’t involve any run ins with maritime pirates, and picking sea freight allows you to pack more of your belongings, but it also takes the longest. After considering the costs associated with each, you should decide a method that best suits your timeline, needs and budget.

Deciding factors

Now that you know your shipping options. Perhaps the deciding factor behind hiring shipping experts is that one company can help get your items through customs and will inform you of the documentation needed for the move and the other doesn’t. It could also be that you are more comfortable with one company over the other. Whenever you have any doubts, worries, or concerns, you should be able to pick up the phone and call the shipping company in Dubai that you hired. You’re not burdening them with your questions. They’re here to help and should want you to remain comfortable throughout the process. Furthermore, remember to never go for the cheapest option available. It might be a scam. Find out the average cost of all the services you need, and pick a company that gives you an estimate close to the average.

We hope that you found these tips from our partner ISS Worldwide Movers helpful. This article on moving to Lebanon has some useful tips for you as well. If you are looking to hire a relocation service in Dubai for your move to Beirut, head over to ServiceMarket to find reliable and internationally accredited shipping companies like ISS Worldwide Movers. You can read verified customer reviews on them and on all our partners on our easy-to-use website.

About ISS Worldwide Movers

ISS Worldwide Movers is a wholly owned subsidiary of Inchcape Shipping Services, forming an integral part of its Cargo Division from six centers within the Middle East: Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar and Oman. It has a long and successful history as a meticulous quality relocation provider. It prides itself on its in-house industry experts, courteous and experienced operational staff, usage of superior packing material and streamlined systems.

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