7 Unique Dishes for Vegetarians: Tips from Caterers in Dubai

Dishes for Vegetarians in Dubai

There’s nothing worse than finding out a guest is vegetarian when you have a meat-eater’s delight spread across your table. You can easily find top catering companies in Dubai on ServiceMarket that offer a wide selection of delicious vegetarian dishes. Here are a few meat-free options that you could ask your Dubai caterer to include in your party catering package!

Lentil Barley Burgers with Fiery Fruit Salsa

Dishes for Vegetarians in Dubai

We can never get enough of burgers, can we? If you are looking for a hearty meal these burgers are just the thing. A chewy interior surrounded by a crisp exterior with a fiery dash from the fruit chili salsa makes this one of the most mouth-watering dishes on this list. Β 

Stuffed Zucchini Boats

Dishes for Vegetarians in Dubai

These stuffed zucchini boats could easily make for a yummy dinner side or an entree. Gluten-free and low in carbs this dish is ideal for the health conscious and it’s even a treat to look at. The stuffing is customizable so go wild with the experimentation!

Veggie Spiral

Dishes for Vegetarians in Dubai

Doesn’t it simply look delicious? Well, it tastes even better. This one has all the right scrumptious elements, like the parmesan topping, variety of roasted veggies, and the seasonings. Serve it at dinner and it’s sure to be a hit with kids and adults alike. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Bean Chili with Chocolate and Walnuts

Dishes for Vegetarians in Dubai

Yet another dish you simply cannot miss out on, this recipe with beans is highly nutritious. The chili adds a certain richness to the dish and a hint of dark chocolate and walnuts brings out a slightly unique flavor. Best of all, any leftovers can be stored in the fridge for three to five days.

Vegetable β€œMeat” Loaf

Dishes for Vegetarians in Dubai

An ingenious twist on the traditional meatloaf, this veggie goodness can be a real treat for vegetarians and carnivores alike. It’s extremely appetizing and not that hard to make. The crunch from the nuts and the pleasant, slightly meat-like texture of the mushrooms make this even more tasty. This one’s definitely a keeper!

Rice Veggie Cupcakes

Dishes for Vegetarians in Dubai

The possibilities with cupcakes are endless but we could have never imagined such a deliciously inventive treat. It’s vegetarian-friendly and gluten-free, which is a bonus and the recipe is fairly simple too. Think of it as a much cooler version of fried-rice. It’s best served hot, preferably with sweet chili sauce, as a snack or dinner side.

Roasted Vegetable Enchiladas

Dishes for Vegetarians in Dubai

Roasted vegetables stacked between layers of corn tortilla, cheese and enchilada sauce plus the protein-kick from black beans equals this scrumptious meal. It’s a savory vegetarian dish your entire guest list will love.

While these delectable dishes can be a good choice for family dinners, you will need the help of catering services companies in Dubai for larger gatherings. At ServiceMarket, you can easily get quotes from multiple catering companies in Dubai offering tasty vegetarian dishes. Enjoy the nutritious veggie goodness, folks!

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