What Is Included in Annual Maintenance Contracts in Dubai?

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It is very common for people to get an annual maintenance contract in Dubai. For those unfamiliar with the concept, annual maintenance contracts are service agreements between the owner of an asset (be it a residence or a business) and a maintenance company. Instead of hiring a handyman every time something needs repairing, people find it much more convenient to sign annual maintenance contracts with service providers. If you want to get an annual maintenance contract for your home in Dubai, here is everything you need to know about it. 

What Are Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs)?

Like any contract, a maintenance contract is a legally binding agreement between two parties. Generally speaking, AMCs help cover general repairs and basic maintenance expenses relating to various things in your home. Depending on the terms of the agreement, most AMCs will cover home plumbing, electrical systems, and of course, air conditioning. 

Residents pay a maintenance services provider to keep their homes well-maintained. That includes addressing problems before they turn into costly repair jobs. Most AMCs follow a 12-month format, usually with pre-scheduled service appointments. Moreover, the contract may need renewal after the tenure.

Services Included in Annual Maintenance Contracts in Dubai

Before you go ahead and sign any papers, make sure you know what the contract includes and what kind of services you can put in the context. Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs) cover maintenance and essential services for your home. Usually, the scope of such contracts covers electrical, water, and air conditioning supplies. There may also be a mix of scheduled preventive maintenance, optional services, and ad-hoc emergency callouts. However, the specifics of the contract can vary based on the provider and service level. A basic annual maintenance contract typically includes the following:

#1. AC Servicing

A contract in Dubai will almost always cover AC repair and maintenance. Since Dubai has a hot desert climate, residents frequently need to get their ACs serviced, cleaned, and checked for proper functioning. Luckily, a service agreement removes the need to call a new independent professional for that. Most service providers will offer both preventive maintenance services as well as general servicing and basic repairs. You can expect the company to clean fitters and diffusers while repairing minor electrical components. Most will also top up the refrigerant gas.

#2. Plumbing 

Maintaining and checking key water and plumbing systems in your home is often included in an annual maintenance contract. But what exactly will the service include? The specifics depend on the agreement, but you can count on the companies to repair water pumps, external leaks, and clean water tanks. They may also fix drainage problems such as blockages. In addition, they may also repair and replace sanitaryware fittings so you can get clean water. The service also includes taking care of drainage problems.

#3. Electrical Work

If you have a specific electrical problem, like a fluctuating light bulb or a sparking socket somewhere, you usually call a handyman, right? Electrical work can also be a part of your annual maintenance contract (AMC), meaning that you don’t have to call an hourly-charging professional for it anymore. The company can replace and/or repair basic electrical and mechanical equipment which include circuit boards, control panels, and light fittings.

#4. Emergency Situations 

Emergencies can occur at any time. Sometimes, they surface when you least expect it. But don’t worry! If your maintenance contract covers emergencies, you should be able to access professional help whenever you need it the most. However, the service provider’s definition of an emergency superseded yours. The service company may also not consider some situations as a valid emergency in the scope of the agreement. For example, most exclude emergencies resulting from Force Majeure events like storms, earthquakes, and heavy rain. Emergencies typically involve major malfunctions or systems failure, including the following:

  • Heavy water leakage 
  • Complete power failure 
  • Major drainage block 
  • Air conditioning failure 

#5. Carpentry and Repair 

Carpentry is often a general part of the annual maintenance contract. So, for example, if you need your windows and doors to be repaired, the service company you have a contract with can get this job done. Most agreements, however, will only offer repair work to the extent of broken hinges and door lock handles. They may even replace these minor components if needed.  

#6. Parts Replacement 

An annual maintenance contract usually covers repairs and doesn’t always support parts replacement. However, they will still help you replace any spare parts and/or materials that are required to restore the functioning of the system or equipment. But remember that the cost of procuring, transporting, and installing replacement parts often incurs separate charges. You can expect the company to source the material only from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or an affiliated supplier of those parts. In addition, if you choose to provide your own material, the company may forego any responsibility relating to faults or damage after using it. Moreover, additional call-out charges may become applicable if anything becomes damaged enough to need further repairs and maintenance.   

#7. Exterior Services 

Maintenance service providers may also offer some exterior services. These can include washing the building facade, exterior window cleaning, and even concrete yard cleaning. Some providers even include an annual deep clean for kitchens and other parts of the home.  

#8. Scheduled Regular Inspections  

Service providers usually offer regular inspections to ensure that your home is safe, clean, and free. This includes preventive servicing, usually once or twice a year. It can also cover pest control services, such as those needed for rodents and pests. In addition, you may have a number of callouts included in the agreement, as well as emergency services along with standard response times.   

Specifically Excluded Services 

Most annual maintenance agreements will include a list of services they cover. But they may also explicitly list certain services that they exclude from their service-level agreements. Again, the specifics of these exclusions can vary based on the agreement, service tier or package, and the provider you choose. Generally speaking, most such agreements will specifically not cover:  

  • Major component repairs or parts replacements for AC. 
  • Main power, water, or telephone supplies (domain of local authorities).  
  • Concealed or hard-to-access ducting, wiring, or piping.  
  • Deep cleaning carpets, furniture, and decorative painting.  
  • Swimming pool repairs, installations, and plumbing. 
  • Glass windows, doors, handles, or other glass used in windows and doors.   

Why Are Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs) Essential in Dubai?

As challenges continue in life, you need your hardware and home systems at least to work flawlessly. This is where the right annual maintenance contracts (AMCs) can make a difference. This blog explores everything you need to know about getting an annual maintenance contract in Dubai.

The Services a Basic AMC Plan Could Include

The specifics of an AMC contract can vary based on the provider and level of service you choose. However, a basic plan may typically include the following information:

  • Emergency callouts and response times. 
  • Pre-scheduled maintenance plan for AC, plumbing, and electrical. 
  • Minor repairs to AC, plumbing, or electrical system components.
  • List of services explicitly excluded from the scope of the contract. 
  • How the company addresses part/material replacement or major repair. 

There are many significant benefits of annual maintenance contracts. However, it is important to remember that the terms of the agreement are legally binding. Therefore, be very careful when choosing the provider you enter into a service contract with. The points listed above are not standard across all maintenance service contracts. So pay particularly close attention to the scope of the agreement, what it covers, and what it excludes. 

Why You Need an AMC in Dubai

The wrong company could prove a disappointing experience. But the right service provider and the right contract can deliver several advantages, including: 

Skilled Professionals With Maintenance Expertise

Legal agreements can involve varying terms and service-level thresholds. But there is one thing common across all of the best Dubai maintenance companies. They offer you the opportunity to access professional repair and maintenance personnel.

The personnel these companies employ typically have years of training and experience. Therefore, when you enter into a contract with them, there is a lot less to worry about. There is a far lower risk of damage to your home or appliances due to inexperience. After all, who wants to trust a beginner with repairing or maintaining an expensive air conditioning unit! 

Services With More Callouts and Discounts

Almost all maintenance service providers offer callout services. These ensure that you have access to a maintenance professional or a maintenance team when you need it the most. Of course, the cost of a maintenance callout can be significant. Especially if a maintenance contract does not cover the callout or has a limited number of callouts for the agreed term. 

Therefore, to save yourself the inconvenience, always opt for services that offer convenient callouts with a quick response time. These can prove very useful throughout the tenure of your maintenance agreement. Especially if you face an unexpected breakdown or service emergency. The callouts facility can help save you the trouble of looking for maintenance or repair personnel on an ad-hoc basis.

Prompt Assistance and Responses to Emergencies 

Emergency callouts are one of the most useful features you can find in an AMC. This feature in your service agreement means you can depend on your provider to help in case of emergencies. As a general rule, you should always look for providers that offer emergency callouts for repair and maintenance work. 

However, your definition of an emergency may not be the same as that of the maintenance service provider. In that context, identify how your selected provider defines an emergency. Some companies only consider an emergency callout valid if the emergency is a β€œtotal” shutdown of home systems like air conditioning, drainage, plumbing, or electrical failure. 

Please note that breakdowns or failures result from Force Majeure events like earthquakes, heavy rains, storms, etc. 

Trusted Professionals Over Shady Independents

The most significant advantage that a maintenance contract can offer is credibility. A contract is a legal document. This means you can seek legal recourse against the other party if it violates the agreement. With an independent repair and maintenance worker, you may not always have this security. And even if you do, it may be harder to track down an independent for the legal proceedings, let alone recover compensation or damages. Not to mention the costs you save by letting experienced professionals handle the problem correctly the first time around. Independents may not offer the same level of skill or value-added services such as emergency callouts. 


One of the benefits of annual maintenance contracts is peace of mind. You can focus on other things and leave the maintenance to the professionals. Plus, it costs surprisingly less than the total expenses of calling in a handyman for every single job. So, if you’re thinking of getting an annual maintenance contract in Dubai, you’re making the right call. However, getting in touch with efficient service providers in a saturated market can be tricky. So, let ServiceMarket help you out! The experts and professionals there will ensure that your hard-earned money is well-spent!

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