Where to Get Free Moving Boxes in Dubai

free moving boxes in Dubai

In addition to being stressful, moving in Dubai is a process fairly heavy on the pocket. From hiring a moving company to getting all the moving supplies is pricey if not well thought out. 

You should plan your relocation such that it is hassle-free and not too costly. Try cutting down on any unnecessary costs wherever and whenever possible. To get quotes on the best international movers research thoroughly and choose the one you feel is the most reasonable.

Also, if you have anything that you neither want to sell nor take to your new place, you can get a storage unit for that purpose. Your pre-loved stuff would stay safe and you can get it as is whenever you want it back.

With all these moving expenses, spending on things like cardboard boxes seems like an added expense. And that too, when you can get them free of cost. Now the question is β€˜how’? Well, keep on reading if you’re curious to know!

Free Moving Boxes in Dubai

We have gathered a list of a few places in Dubai where you can easily get free moving boxes to make your β€˜big’ move even more affordable.

Grocery Stores

All grocery stores receive tons of items regularly. All of these items come in boxes, big and small. You can visit any nearby stores like LuLu and Carrefour in the morning before the rush hours. Ask them for any boxes lying around and they won’t mind helping you out as they also want to get rid of them.

Retail Stores

Being the shopping capital of the Middle East, Dubai houses a plethora of retail stores in malls and otherwise. All these stores receive regular shipments in large sturdy cardboard boxes that they don’t want to hoard once emptied. Therefore, call ahead and visit them asking for any boxes available that you can snag!

Coffee Shops

Coffee shops like Tim Hortons and Starbucks have their supplies come in at least twice a week to keep them all up and running. And these shipments come in cartons of all shapes and sizes. So you can go around to all these coffee shops and ask for any free boxes they might have to hand you over.

Dubizzle and Craigslist

Dubizzle and Craigslist are portals known for classifieds. They each have a section labeled β€˜free’ where people often post ads for moving boxes as well. So do search it up and keep a lookout if you want to grab some free supplies.


Dubai is home to quite a lot of libraries where new books come in cardboard boxes. And as they are not kept on shelves as is, you can go to the ones near you and ask for any spare boxes available.


Sustainability is the key to a healthy environment and recycling used stuff is a step in that direction. And so, if you’re all pro-environment and even otherwise, you can get your hands on some free moving boxes on FreeCycle. Doing so will not only save your hard-earned money but also the planet!

Facebook Community Groups

You must have joined Facebook groups to keep in touch with your community. And what better way to use social media than to your benefit. So, don’t shy away and simply post a plea for free moving boxes in these groups you’ve joined and a lot of people will surely be there to your rescue.

People Who Just Moved In

Ask away your friends, family, or any other relatives who you know have recently shifted. Wait for them to unpack and let them know you need the boxes so that they don’t throw them away. You can also keep a lookout in your neighborhood. If you see any new people coming in, ask them if they have any boxes that they no longer need.

Final Takeaway 

While shifting, you should concentrate on reducing your moving costs and one of the ways of doing so is to not spend on any moving supplies, especially boxes. A little bit of searching and asking around won’t cost a dime, but buying boxes and that too in bulk sure will. So, try resorting to the above-mentioned ways and thank us after.

You can further make your move less expensive by hiring the most affordable international movers through ServiceMarket. So hurry up and get quotes now! And use that extra cash to treat yourself to some pampering after your mentally-taxing relocation.

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