Who Are the Best Storage Companies in Dubai?

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As a vast majority of people living in Dubai are expats who live in apartments, storage issues are predominant among the residents here. Therefore, any form of extra storage in Dubai is always welcomed.

Finding a good storage company in Dubai can prove to be a tedious task if you don’t know what to look for when hiring one. We, at ServiceMarket, have compiled a checklist so you may easily figure out an ideal storage solution for your needs.

What Should I Consider Before Searching for Private Storage Near Me?

Finding a good storage company is really important. However, it can be a bit tricky at times. But don’t worry! Here are seven factors that you should consider that will help you find the best storage in Dubai.

1. Do They Have Security?

When storing personal items, security is one of the main concerns of the customer. A good storage facility will not only provide its customers with the basic storage function but will also have the latest technology like CCTV cameras installed in the facility to ensure maximum security for its customers.

2. Do They Have Fire Safety?

In addition to the basic security like security guards and CCTV cameras, you also need to ensure that the storage facility has fire alarms and sprinklers installed to curb any fire hazards in time. This is extremely important as having these security measures can prevent damage to your items.

3. Is the Storage Facility Climate-Controlled?

The best storage companies will keep your items safe and secure without you having to worry about humidity, mold, or any weather hazards. Given the climate in Dubai, storage facilities must be climate controlled to avoid any damage to the items stored in the warehouse/storage facility.

A company of good repute will invest in essential resources to tackle these problems beforehand, so you do not have to face them in the first place. Storage facilities on the ServiceMarket panel are all climate-controlled to ensure your belongings remain safe and sound.

4. Is It Easy to Access?

If you are storing items that you need to access frequently, the nearer the storage facility is to the place where you live in Dubai, the more convenient it is for you. If you are looking to store items that you normally would not want to use, you can compromise on the location being relatively farther away from your place of living in Dubai.

A lot of storages in Dubai offer round-the-clock services. Meanwhile, some even offer to pick and drop your storage boxes for you. All of these accessibility factors depend on the type of storage you require and whether you need it for long term or short-term use. Accordingly, you can decide which type of storage would suit your needs better in terms of accessibility.

5. Company Age and Size

The age and size of the storage facility also play a significant role in determining a company’s standing in the industry. If a storage facility has been around for long, it will naturally be of good repute and will have the experience and resources to deal with any unforeseen circumstances.

6. Do They Have Good Reviews?

Customer reviews are the most honest form of feedback one can get regarding a particular service. When selecting a storage Dubai, it is always recommended to go online and read reviews of customers who have already experienced the product/service.

At ServiceMarket, we believe in complete transparency. Therefore, we have reviews from our customers listed down on our website so that any potential client can see for themselves the quality of service we provide. If you wish to read the reviews, click here.

7. Cost of Storage in Dubai

Cost is one of the most important factors when considering any service. The cost of hiring a storage facility in Dubai depends largely on the type of facility you choose. There are multiple types of Dubai storage units available. If you are looking for a place to store your belongings for a short period of time, the requirements are different as opposed to when you want long-term storage. Hence, the cost will also vary accordingly.

Similarly, if you are looking for self-storage, the price will be higher as compared to shared storage. Generally, the price ranges from AED 200 to AED 1400, depending on the type of storage and the area required.


With the help of this checklist, you will be able to pick the best option whenever you search for β€œprivate storage near me.” The ultimate aim when renting a storage company in DubaiΒ is to have a safe space that doesn’t put a huge dent in your budget. That’s exactly what ServiceMarket strives to provide.Β If you want to get free quotes for storage, visit the ServiceMarket website, or download the app now.

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