10 Home Remedies For Cleaning Sofas In Your Abu Dhabi Home

sofa cleaning in Abu Dhabi

Wondering how to clean your sofas at home in Abu Dhabi? Are these pesky stains on your sofas bothering you?

Sofas are, without a doubt, the second most used piece of furniture in the home after the mattress; thus, if you want to keep your house clean, you must take sofa cleaning in Abu Dhabi seriously.

Even after a long day at work, the first thing you want to do is cuddle up on your sofa and watch TV because you feel at ease and calm on this piece of furniture. Right?

Have you ever thought about how much pollution your sofa is exposed to? Dust mites, germs, and dust particles can all contaminate your sofa. The couch may absorb body oils, cooking aromas, and airborne dust and filth, whether you’re eating supper in the family room or while watching a movie.

Please don’t panic; we’ve got a solution for you!

We have provided some simple and advanced home remedies for cleaning sofas in your Abu Dhabi home and restoring their charm.

With the help of these simple how-tos, you can reclaim your couch’s lounge-worthy status. Let’s get started!

1. Use Of Vinegar Solution:

A white vinegar solution is an effective home treatment for removing odors and stains from fabric sofas in Abu Dhabi.

In a clean spray bottle, combine a cup of white vinegar and a cup of cool water. When dealing with fresh soiling, use a kitchen towel to remove any extra solid or liquid before beginning spot cleanup. Instead of wiping the wet spot, dab the excess liquid with kitchen paper to keep the stain from spreading.

2. Determine The Sofa Fabric Code:

Do you know those weird letters on the tags of your sofa? Those are, in fact, codes!

  • The letter “W” denotes the use of a water-based detergent in conjunction with a steam vacuum.
  • “WS” denotes that you can use either a water-based detergent or a dry-cleaning detergent with a steam vacuum.
  • The letter “S” denotes the use of only a dry-cleaning detergent.

3. For Removing Darker, More Stubborn Stains:

Because it is pH neutral and odorless, carbonated water or soda water is frequently used to remove stains from fabrics. 

When it comes to removing stubborn stains like wine or blood, carbonated water can be more successful than tap water. Instead of using water to remove or rinse stains, blot them with a tiny amount of carbonated water. 

Remember to properly dry the moist surface after spotting to avoid the formation of a watermark.

4. Dishwashing Solution For Ketchup Stains:

Pour water and dishwashing solution into a mixing bowl. Take a cloth and soak it in the solution. Wash and rub the affected region several times. You’ll notice the stain lightening. After that, rinse the area with clean water and allow it to dry.

5. Large Particles Must Be Vacuumed Up:

Remove any surface trash or particles from the sofa’s surface before beginning the deep cleaning process. To clean the sofa, use a dust-buster or a hose attachment on a full-sized vacuum cleaner.

6. To Get Rid Of Fresh Stains:

Fresh stains can also be removed with non-acetone-based nail paint removers and white toothpaste! Always perform a small patch test on a hidden region to ensure that the cure is effective.

7. To Get Rid Of Ink Stains:

Rubbing alcohol should be used. To absorb extra ink, quickly dab the fresh ink stain with a paper towel. Then gently massage the stain with a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol until it disappears.

8. Baking Soda Paste For Coffee And Wine Stains:

In a mixing basin, combine 1/4 cup baking soda and 1/8 cup water and whisk to produce baking soda paste. For persistent stains like coffee and wine, baking soda paste is an efficient homemade stain removal remedy.

9. For The Removal Of Grease Stains:

Sprinkle baking soda on the affected area and leave it for a few hours! The baking soda will absorb the oil and remove the stain off your upholstery if the stain is new!

10. Cakes, Pastries, And Food Upholstery Stains:

If there are no apparent oils or cream spots on your couch upholstery, vacuum it well. When using a good quality vacuum, most of the smaller food particles should be able to lift off the surface. Spot washing with warm water and a clean cloth can take care of the remainder. 

In most circumstances, it should work. If it doesn’t, you’ll need to hire an expert. In Abu Dhabi, the Service Market is always available.


With this go-to guide, you can clean your sofas at home.

However, for tough stains, you can book the best sofa cleaning services in Abu Dhabi at ServiceMarket. With fool-proof methods, we can tackle any stain on any sofa, be it leather or fabric.

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