10 Reasons Why Your Baby Is Crying in Dubai!

crying baby in Dubai

Being a new parent in Dubai is tough, especially if you haven’t had a chance to hire a babysitter yet. Your responsibilities become manifold, and you have a very fragile person to babysit round the clock. It can especially be stressful when your baby starts crying with no intention of stopping.

Before you panic while blaming yourself for failing as a parent, you should know that babies do tend to cry a lot. But they always have a reason for crying, and if you’re able to diagnose the issue, you can find a solution as well.

Read on to learn about the ten possible reasons your baby is making a racket and make way for a quieter and happier daily life with your new family!

1. The baby is hungry

This is one of the biggest reasons your baby is throwing a tantrum while you’re babysitting. Your baby’s tummy is tiny, so it doesn’t have much capacity to retain food.

So even if you fed them just a few hours ago, they’re probably hungry again. Offer them some milk, and you’ll most likely see them suckling on it in delight.

2. Nap Time

Another pretty obvious reason is that your baby is exhausted and needs sleep. However, unlike us tired adults in Dubai, they can’t sleep the minute they lie down, as their circadian rhythms have yet to develop. Look for sleep cues, e.g., whining, staring at nothing, or wailing due to a minute disturbance.

If you catch these symptoms, your baby is probably tired, and you should put them to bed.

Furthermore, a trial and error method is the best way to see what quickly helps your baby fall asleep. Try rocking, swaddling, or singing them soothing lullabies.

3. Your baby wants to burp

If your baby is whining during or after you feed him/her, then your baby most likely has wind. This β€˜wind’ is the trapped air swallowed during feeding or after sucking on a pacifier or crying.

This has a pretty easy treatment as well! All you need to do is pat your baby or gently massage the back while holding upright, head resting on your shoulder.

4. Colic

This reason causes frequent and nonstop crying of babies for no apparent reason. This is especially frustrating for new parents who seem to find no solution or reason for their infant’s wails.

However, this is not something you need to fret about. It is pretty common in newborn babies. You can say that it is just their way of adjusting to their new surroundings.

5. Your baby is too hot

We know that babies are very fragile and need to be taken care of. But sometimes, parents tend to overdress their babies to keep them safe from the cold.

They often forget that this can get pretty uncomfortable for the baby, who might develop rashes due to the heat. (And everyone knows it’s hot in Dubai!)

6. A wet diaper

Babies have a range of tolerance when it comes to how long they will tolerate a dirty diaper. Some will stay quiet for hours. Some will throw an immediate fit.

You can easily check this and change the diaper as required.

7. Pain or illness

You know your baby the best. So if you notice anything off, even in his/her cries, contact a doctor, midwife, or nurse immediately.

8. Too much attention

We love cuddling our babies, kissing them constantly, and hugging them. However, this can be pretty overwhelming for the child, especially if the person doing it is someone they’re not used to.

Try taking your baby to a quieter place to calm him/her down.

9. Wants attention

You may think that holding your baby would be spoiling him/her, but that’s not true. When they cry, they want to be held by someone familiar, be it a parent or a babysitter, because it helps them feel more relaxed.

10. Teething

Babies can start teething from almost four months of age. This is a pretty painful time for babies. Hence, they tend to cry during this phase. However, doctors recommend not using pain relief medicines or teethers. If the pain becomes too unbearable, then contact a doctor.

If you are a new parent and want to learn more about teething, click here.


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