Tips from Movers and Packers: 10 Things You Need To Do Before Leaving Abu Dhabi, UAE!

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Are you moving out of Abu Dhabi soon? While moving places is exciting, international moving can be a hectic task, especially if you’re doing everything yourself. In that case, getting professional help can make things a lot easier! Many people like to book international movers and packers in Abu Dhabi instead of asking neighbors and friends for help. Such professionals are experienced and trained to make the whole moving process less daunting for you.

If you have opted for international movers and packers in Abu Dhabi, there are still many things you must handle on your own in order to organize your international move.  

10 Things You Need to Do Before Leaving Abu Dhabi

When moving, multiple things run through your head. Listing them down can help take the pressure off and make the process less intimidating. You can start with the following 10 things you must do:

1. Sell Replaceable and Non-Sentimental Items

Go through your home, room by room, and find belongings that you do not use, need or want. Place these items on or the dedicated Facebook pages such as Abu Dhabi Market Place, the closed page of your community or compound. You can easily make some extra cash from selling those items that don’t hold any sentimental value. It is important to check the regulations of your compound/community as several of them request you to get an approval first when you move out larger pieces of furniture.

2. Donate Items That Did Not Sell

If you haven’t sold some items that you have put on auction, then you can donate them to orphanages or homeless shelters in Abu Dhabi. You can also post the items on FreeCycle Abu Dhabi on Facebook or contact Red Crescent to donate your items.

3. Know the Customs Regulations

Before packing anything for your international move, you must be aware of the customs regulations of the country that you are traveling to. Some items may be taxable or banned. Make sure to do your research and keep an inventory list of all the contents of every box. You can get help by contacting ServiceMarket.

4. Get Multiple Quotes from Providers

There are plenty of relocation companies in Abu Dhabi. Hence, you have a lot of options to choose from, based on your preferences and budget. You should request quotes for your international move from different international moving companies in Abu Dhabi in order to find the best price and the best offer. Remember when reading a quote, pay close attention to what is not included. Exclusions such as quarantine fees, handling charges and customer import documentation will cost you a large sum of money and a lot of headaches. You can get the best quotes and offers right here on ServiceMarket.

5. Ship or Sell Your Car

If you have a car in Abu Dhabi and you are planning to move, consider whether you want to ship it or sell it. Request for multiple Abu Dhabi car shipping quotes, as well as a sales appraisal of your car. Once you receive your quotes, you can decide if you want to sell the car, or if it’s worth the cost to ship the vehicle.

6. Transfer Your Financial Assets

A bank transfer can be an expensive and lengthy procedure. Some banks may charge up to 6% of your assets. You can use Rational FX to avoid losing a significant portion of your savings on transfer fees and currency conversion. If you want to take advantage of their service, simply submit a request for your international moving request, and ask the ServiceMarket customer service representative to connect you with Rational FX as well – this way you’ll avoid having to sign up and create an account. Simply transferring your money and leaving your bank account empty is not the same as closing it. Your empty bank account will incur service charges that you will be accountable for upon re-entry to Abu Dhabi or UAE. Therefore, be sure to complete the proper procedures for closing your account.

7. Arrange for Flights

It’s always best to arrange for your flight well in advance in order to save money and get the seats you want. Flight arrangement can be especially important if you are traveling with pets. Remember, you will need to inform the airline 3 weeks in advance that you will be flying with your pets. Also, do also check the applicable luggage regulations as they tend to change from time to time. You should follow these regulations to avoid discussion at the counter or extra charges.

8. Disconnect Utilities & Telecommunications

In order to get your deposit back, you need to disconnect your ADWEA (Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Account) account. The disconnection takes up to 2-3 days. This process involves multiple travels to the ADWEA office. During a big move, you may want to avoid low-value and high-hassle tasks. Disconnecting Du or Etisalat is easier and involves a simpler procedure. In order to disconnect your Du or Etisalat, you will need to come to the office with your contract, your Emirates ID, and the equipment that was provided to you (telephone set, TV receiver, etc.).

9. Cancel Your Visa

If you have an employment visa, then the PRO of the company will handle all the paperwork. What you must remember is to leave within the given 30-day grace period in order to avoid getting fines.

10. Throw a Farewell Party

This is probably the hardest and most bittersweet part of the whole international move process. If you are leaving Abu Dhabi, you might as well leave it in style. Have a big bash and take advantage of multiple offers available to you.

Why Should You Hire International Movers and Packers in Abu Dhabi?

As discussed earlier, many people now opt for professionals. While there is nothing wrong with letting your loved ones help you pack and move, do remember that this comes with risks. For example, they might break something, forget to follow the packing patterns you set, or accidentally pack something that’s not supposed to go with you.

Therefore, international movers are a much better solution to your moving problems. The best thing about hiring professionals is that you don’t have to worry about these things. They are trained and experienced. In fact, they do most of the work for you so you can spend your last days meeting your friends and family, saying goodbyes, and having a nice time. 

Summing Up

Moving is not a simple process. While the aforementioned tips can make the task easier, you still need assistance with the whole process. So, hiring international movers and packers in Abu Dhabi may be a better option. ServiceMarket can help you with that. You can get free quotes from some of the top international movers in Abu Dhabi. Compare their rates, and reviews and book the most suitable service. Once done, just relax and let the experts do the rest.

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