Top 20 Questions You Need to Ask Your Caterer in Dubai

Catering service in Dubai

Hiring a professional catering company in Dubai is a great way to host a special event successfully. You should look for a company with great reviews and an appetizing reputation. You can find the best licensed caterers in Dubai onΒ ServiceMarket. Be sure to ask your shortlisted caterers the following questions.

What is the price and what is included in the price?

Obviously, regardless of how amazing the caterer is, the price is a huge determining factor in whether or not you will hire them. Ask the caterer to provide you with a written quote detailing the break down of prices for each service provided.

Can you provide references?

You can ask the caterer to provide you with customer testimonials or read customer reviews of caterers on ServiceMarket.

Do you have liability insurance?

This is an important insurance to have as it protects you, your guests, and any equipment kept by the caterer from any accidents.

Are there ways to cut the cost?

Don’t be afraid to ask your caterer this question. There is nothing wrong with trying to save especially when you are throwing an expensive catered event. A lot of times caterers in Dubai will offer deals and discounts that will save you a lot as long as you ask politely.

Are you licensed?

It may seem like an obvious question, but it isn’t one that is often asked. The truth is, a lot of times a caterer in Dubai can simply be a group of people working out of a home and not from a professional or licensed kitchen. This is why this question is so important. Licensing means the employees hold a certain level of training and the business holds at least the minimum requirements for health and safety.

What training does your staff receive?

The training the staff receives is of the utmost importance. How the staff handles the food when they are serving, how they treat guests, and how they clean up is important to the success of your event and the health of your guests.

What safety/health precautions do you take?

How is the food prepared and stored? How clean is the kitchen? Do you follow all health regulations? Are allergy causing foods present near special meals? These are very important questions to ask because you will be feeding many guests and you need to make sure the food is safe.

Β Can I have a taste first?

A lot of caterers in Dubai will actually allow you to taste the food they make before you hire them. We recommend you take this step. This way you can judge for yourself how good the food is.

What is considered an extra cost?

Some caterers will consider providing extra utensils and plates as an extra cost and will not inform you until after the event. Make sure to ask exactly what constitutes as an extra cost before hiring the caterer.

What is your serving style?

This is a super important question to ask a caterer before you hire them. There are many different types of serving styles and not every caterer will be willing to do all of them. Mainly, you will be wanting to know whether the service is buffet style or plated. If there is a specific serving style you would like for your event, you need to ask the caterer about it.

Can I change the menu?

Many caterers in Dubai offer a set menu from which you can choose items. For example, they will offer chicken or fish as a main, and a set number of sides and salads. Some caterers are willing to create a specific menu for you and your guests. Of course, the latter is more expensive. Be sure to ask the caterer this question as many will not be willing to change the menu.

Are drinks included?

You may think soft drinks, coffee, and tea are included with all catering services. This is not the case. You need to make sure this service is included by asking the caterer before the event. Do not simply assume it is provided.

Do you supply all the utensils/equipment?

A lot of caterers actually provide the utensils, as well as table and chair rentals. These items may be part of the initial cost or they may be extra. Ask your caterer if they can provide all these items and at what price.

Do you accommodate diet restrictions?

If any of your guests have allergies or simply refuse to eat certain foods, you need to ask the caterer if accommodations can be made. Obviously, your guest can simply choose a non-allergy causing food on the menu, but this question is more related to the cooking process and making sure the diet restricted meals are separated from the regular meals.

Β Are there children’s meals and do they differ in price?

If the caterer does provide kids’ meals, it may be cheaper than paying for adult meals for the children as well.

Where is the food actually cooked?

Ask the caterer whether they have their own kitchen or if they need a place where they bring their equipment to cook. This is important to ask so that you are able to make accommodations.

Do you do the clean up?

A lot of times the clean up is left to you so try to find a caterer that includes this service in their price.

What is the staff per guest ratio?

This is a great question to ask to make sure that your guests are served in a timely and professional manner.

What will the staff wear?

This is important if you are having a more formal event where you would like a certain dress code.

Does the staff keep their tips?

This will help you in finding out whether the catering company keeps the tips.

To make the process of finding an appropriate caterer for your event as easy as possible, visit ServiceMarket. Our website provides you with real customer reviews as well as free quotes from caterers in Dubai.

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