3 Quick Steps on How to Ship Your Car within the GCC (and the Approximate Costs!)

3 quick steps on how to ship your car within the gcc

When you go on vacation or a business trip, don’t you just have these moments when you wish you had your car with you? We completely understand. We’ve outlined the 3 things you need to do to temporarily ship your car to the GCC country you’re visiting – it’s super easy!

Below is also a table of approximate costs of shipping your car to the UAE from other GCC countries that we were able to compile with the help of our car shipping partner, MESAR. MESAR is specialized in car shipping within the GCC and they’ve been operating since 2008. The below costs are just approximate prices and are meant only for temporary shipping; additional charges for exporting may differ.


  1. Prepare your documents: If you live in the GCC you know that you should always have multiple copies of your passport and residence visa. For temporarily moving your car to any GCC country from another one, you need to have a passport copy, residence visa copy, original registration of your car, and copy of your driver’s license.
  2. Attain a Carnet De Passage certificate: GCC residents need to attain a certificate called Carnet De Passage (also known as a trip ticket), which is an international customs document that covers the temporary entry of vehicles into a country. GCC nationals do not need this. In the UAE you can attain this document from the Automobile and Touring Club.
  3. Find GCC specialized car shippers: This is the easiest part! All you need to do is fill out a quick form, which simply asks you when you need to move your car, the type of your car, and where you’re going. Then we’ll do the rest! We’ll get you multiple quotes from different car shippers in the UAE so you can compare prices, services offered, and customer ratings of the companies.

4 thoughts on “3 Quick Steps on How to Ship Your Car within the GCC (and the Approximate Costs!)”

  1. Werner Sauer Filho

    Hi I need to Export my motor bike Yamaha 2010 from Dubai to Qatar where I will reside. The Bike was purchased and licensed in Dubai. Is there a year limit to export between GCC countries or is the 5 year rule only for imports from outside the GCC countries?

    1. Emilene Parry

      Hi Werner,
      Unfortunately you would not be able to register the bike in Qatar if it is older than 5 years (even if it comes from within the GCC). The only way it can be registered is if it is registered as company-owned bike and an exemption letter from Qatar Chambers is provided.

  2. I want to go Pakistan from Dubai …via
    Dxb>Saudia Arab>Kuwait>Iraq>Iran..

    Do i have to pay customs duty at every countries border?
    Do i need to take carnet da passage documents for every country?
    What is the procedure if i take my own car there….My car leased from bank.?

    1. Hi Obaid,
      Yes, you would need to pay the custom duty and have the correct documents for every country. The procedure would differ for each country. You also cannot import a car to another country while it is still under a car loan.